a disease in which the person does not come out of the house: Hikikomori

Hikikomori is a different head where a job, a school, or similar responsibilities must be avoided and completely rejected from the social world. This disease, which is frequently encountered in Japanese society, creates a modern prison life by building invisible walls in a person's life.
hikikomori, about 1 million people in japan.
although there is a thought that is more common in males, this may not be the case; there is a possibility that only the men who are reported are more likely to have more men because of the different family expectations of boys and girls.

In other words, it seems like families find it more normal for their daughters to stay in the room.

Among the reasons for this problem is believed to be the exclusion or poorly finished relationship at school.
the reason why the Japanese is so popular in Japanese is that the works of ancient Japanese literature give importance to concepts such as loneliness and nobility.
In addition, reasons such as employment status of Japan, long-term trainings for high-level jobs, and the fact that these jobs are already completed by their fathers or grandfathers, are the factors that trigger this social retreat (for a moment what our people do not think he did not then).
Likewise, children with hikikomori are usually middle class people whose family can look for long years. because in families with lesser income, this is not a social withdrawal because children start working at an early age or at least their responsibilities are more pronounced.
the more optimistic of the Japanese than the other races and the patience of the family, the patient's patience and patience, can lead to the prolongation of hikikomori's duration.
In rare cases, young people with hikikomori can escape extremism and act aggressively. these attacks are believed to be the manifestation of their social deficiencies as hatred towards others who may be social, but such situations are not so high, and already in Japan, hikikomori is still on the list of problems that families should be interested in.
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