6 important reasons why your site is constantly losing visitors and traffic!

Going to the top? Or do you manage to stay on top? The traffic of your Internet site may change continuously, such as weather.
Things are sometimes rainy, sometimes windy

If you are constantly losing traffic / visitors to your website, finding the reason is not as difficult as you think. By reviewing the following 5 potential reasons, you can determine why your website is experiencing loss of visitors.

01. Mobile Getaways, Mobile Getaways
Everyone knows that search engines are now the primary priority for mobile users. Or did they not tell you?
Mobile traffic managed to overtake web traffic a few years ago, but overtaking isn't over yet! If your site is constantly losing visitors, your issue may be mobile compatibility or experience issues.

Your site only has a responsive design or a separate mobile version isn't enough to override mobile users.

We now have a new actor named i mobile user experience. On the stage, which sweats the new whiskers.

What can you do about mobile experience?

Visit your website from real mobile devices and spend as much time as you can. Ask yourself this classic question: sit If I was a user, would I continue to use the site with this experience? Kend
Consider mobile escapes. People are now constantly online and connected to the internet. You should constantly monitor your search habits and analyze how your site is responding to searches. For example, the PDF file used to share. Now mobile users are rarely approaching when they see PDF links. Watch out for such fine details.
Mobile users are not zombies. I saw. They're facts! Occasionally, we are previewing the Web version of our pages without our hands. We are even preparing our content for the web version. However, the mobile user's experience is more important than the Web user. Prepare your content with this awareness.

02- Benefit from Your Magic Analysis Software and Data!
Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, or you name it ... Analysis software can give you great tips about what's going on with you.
When did your traffic start falling?
What sources are your traffic declining?
How are your most authoritarian pages?
How are your Bounce Rate ratios?
Can there be a problem with the user habits and your site?
Where did your father learn to make such a nice cake?
You can access these and many more questions from your analysis software.

Sometimes moving with the worst data can be more efficient than your best assumptions.

03. Scanning (Index) Problems
For maximum visibility on the side of search engines, your site should have boots at hand. When these insects arrive at your door, the next visit may take longer if they cannot reach you. This will make you lose visitors.
Google has a successful solution: Search Console. You can test whether your site is crawled correctly by Google using Search Console.

Do you have pages from 404?
What are they doing?
Do your changes prevent bots from accessing and crawling your site?
I can't say that Search Console is a miraculous tool. But if you use it at the right time, you can create real miracles.

04. Unsafe Sites, Our Sites 
Many internet browsers, especially Google Chrome, do not treat sites that do not have a valid SSL certificate or do not use HTTPS protocol.
In terms of 2018, SSL and HTTPS are indispensable. If you give up, your potential visitors will give you up.

The lack of SSL does not affect the score on the search engine field yet but when the users try to enter the site, the warning gir This site is not reliable em is quite a deterrent.

Often, users think that your site is closed / inaccessible when they encounter this error. Others perceive it as a risk of getting moisture from your site and return to the search engines as they come.

05. Possibility of hacking
I know, there's no possibility. Your site is stored on highly trusted servers of a highly reliable company. Yet mine is such a thought; What if your website is hacked?
If your website is having security issues, it can cause many problems. E.g; this may be the reason for the visitors you lost!

How about linking to sites that are absurd to your site and adding pop-ups to users?

If your site is hacked, there are many ways you can choose to understand it:

The simplest and most effective one is to check if everything is in place via FTP. Browsing the last edited files via eler modified date v after entering your FTP can give you an idea of ​​what's going on.
If you encounter suspicious action, you can ask for help from your service provider or a security professional to review the log records and capture the leak.
Apart from the changes on the site, see also Site. For example, hackers who have authority on your site can link to highly unnecessary and defective sites Örneğin

06. Google Updates
The end of the list, but not the least; Google updates can affect sites negatively or negatively. Negative impacts as well as positive effects are instantly reflected on your traffic.
If you want to make sure that everything goes well on the Google side, you should always keep track of Google updates. The categories of WM Tool forums such as Google and SEO can give you many ideas in this respect:

Keeping the subjects in these categories under constant focus, allows you to be aware of updates. It is useful to take a look at these sections to see if there are others like you who have lost traffic.

Another important tool that will help you realize whether you are affected by Google updates is the Order Tracking and Analysis tool that we provide to WM Tool members. With this tool, you can track your Google or Yandex rankings day by day in the keywords you follow.

A continuous downward direction of rankings may mean that you are doing something wrong on the SEO side, or that you are adversely affected by recent updates.

Last Words
If your website is constantly losing visitors, these 6 steps you will take to solve the problem will be quite useful.
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