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What is the tremor disease, how are the symptoms ?

Tremor is unintentional and uncontrollable rhythmic movements seen in one or more parts of the body. It is most common in the hands, but it is a common movement disorder in the arms, head, vocal cords, trunk and legs. Shivering may occur anywhere and any time. This is usually the result of a problem in the part of the brain that controls muscle movement. It may occur sporadically (on its own) or as a result of another disease. It should be noted that muscle spasm, muscle twitching and tremor are not the same. Muscle spasm is the involuntary contraction of the muscle. Muscle twitching is an uncontrolled twitching movement of a small part of a larger muscle. This twitch can be seen under the skin.
Although it can be seen at any age, tremor is more common among middle-aged and older adults. The disease usually affects men and women equally. Shivering is not always serious, but in some cases it may indicate a serious illness. Tremor is not life threatening, but it can make it difficult or …

How to correct migraine disorder?

It is usually a discomfort, a migraine that causes attacks that are very severe. There are some suggestions from someone who has experienced this damn thing people have been suffering from for years.
First of all, you need to make sure you are diagnosed with migraine. a doctor told me, "When the brain is normal, everything is normal." I do not know how accurate and inclusive information. There are experimental methods, drugs such as dideral is reducing the severity of the pain you are experiencing and your doctor can write if it sees fit. strong painkillers, a tiny bit again.
anyway, these are not my specialty. Based on my personal experience, let's talk about it in your life that you can change.
first item, sleep pattern
to sleep well, to get a good sleep the biggest weapon against migraine crisis. When stress increases the level of unhappiness, the first thing that is affected is the sleep pattern; I have to try everything to sleep: sports, calming herbal teas, more noi…

What are the Benefits of Avocado?

Avocado fruit, whose homeland is Central America, grows in southern Turkey like Adana Antalya Alanya.
Avocado is a white, coarsely seeded fruit with a peel and green. Avocado accesses after being collected in full maturity. It is necessary to wait for maturation to understand its flavor. It contains vitamins E and C, as well as protein and healthy fats. Avachado, body and skin are very useful for our health.

In recent years, skin care products are common avocado extracts of ours. The reason is the vitamin E in its content. Vitamin E is also very useful for the skin. Prevents skin aging, naturally protects from sunlight, smoke and polluted air. Avocado is a very powerful moisturizer. Increases water viscosity in skin and gives moisture to skin.
Benefits of Avocadon: Contributions to our Health:
* Good cell protective and antioxidant.
* Strengthens the immune system.
* Protects against cancer.
* It is also useful for cardiovascular health.
* Contains unsaturated fatty acids in the blood…

What is the Impact of GeoEngineering on World Climate?

Injecting aerosols into the stratosphere can help refreshing the planet, but scientists have not yet found exactly how such geological geophysics work.
Increasing evidence suggests that climate is changing and that human activities are the main reason for this situation. The world is warming and we are responsible. Now scientists, globallythey are working on alternative solutions to reduce the extraordinary cost of even the smallest increases. In addition to cutting our global carbon footprint to a great extent, they support the idea that we have to deliberately make major changes on the planet. 

These large-scale changes (changes that chemically capture the carbon in the air, causing the growth of carbon-eating plankton or creating a reflective mist reflecting sunlight in the upper atmosphere) are known as geo-engineering. Tomorrow, even if we stop spreading carbon dioxide, many scientists say it won't be enough. Our oceans are currently absorbing part of the planet's extreme h…

What is Mania and Hypomania and How is it Treated?

Both mania and hypomania involve periods in which the individual feels excited or has an energetic mood. This may vary in how serious the mood changes are, and we can sort out these differences as follows:
• Mania is a serious form of behavior that can last for a week or more. One person is too happy to control and can feel very high in energy. These symptoms affect daily life and in severe cases this person may need to go to the hospital.
• Hypomania is a few days. People can feel very good and work at high efficiency. While family or friends notice mood or activity changes, these symptoms may not be a symptom of hypomania.
• Mania and hypomania are most commonly associated with bipolar disorder. They may also be seen as part of other mood disorders such as schizoaffective disorder.
Bipolar disorder is a mental health disorder in which a person experiences changes in mood, energy, activity level, and thought patterns. It is seen as a mania in people with bipolar I disorder and hypomani…

Where do Bees and Other Insects Go in Winter?

Have you ever wondered where the bees and insects went in the winter? Enchantingly, many species have adapted to coping with cold in unique ways and strategies that reflect their life cycle. However, while most insects emerge at a similar time in the year, there is much evidence that this timing is affected by climate change. This means that it can detect species earlier than earlier years.
Where do Bees Go In Winter?
The UK hosts more than 250 bee species, including 24 different bumblebee species. But winter does not behave in the same way. Some species of solitary bees spend the winter as adults, protecting themselves from the cold in a process called wintering. They then emerge in the spring to make the most of early flowering. Other species, such as Mason bees, spend the winter as a pupa and have an annual life cycle that ends after they leave their eggs in autumn.
Social bees, such as bumblebees and honey bees, have life and winter habits around their hives and queens. In the early …

What does the world of science say in our discussion about our level of intelligence?

It was thought that the level of intelligence increased with the development of technology, health standards and improvement of nutrition opportunities. But the research carried out by the Ragnar Frisch Economic Research Center in Norway has reversed the situation. Bernt Bratsberg and Ole Rogeberg, who took part in the research team, mentioned this issue in the National Academy of Sciences Proceedings and stated that people's IQ test scores have been on the decline with the slow acceleration in the last few decades.
Data of 39 years were examined
Norwegian scientists, the intellectual ability of people began to decline in the disclosure of the world's agenda is discussed as a study material for this research, the 1970- 2009 IQ-test results of the Norwegian conscripts used in the military announced. The total number of test results was 730 thousand.

The increase in IQ observed during the first half of the twentieth century was known as the Flynn effect. Many dissertations were …

Amalgam fillers emit mercury as they pass through powerful MR devices

Professor at Akdeniz University Selmi Yilmaz and his team in her research amalgam fillers 7-Dimensional MR devices exposed to mercury, emitted by mercury for the living organisms were shown. Normal MRI magnetic resonance machines work between 1.5 T and 3 T, but the new 7-generation magnetic that the new devices produce provides a high resolution and a very strong magnetic field.
The researchers measured the effects of 60 amalgam tooth fillers. 50% mercury is present in these fillings. she prepared a special solution to simulate human saliva and measured the amount of mercury that would leak through the filler in two MRIs of 1.5 T and 7 T by placing these teeth in it.

In our study, we found very high mercury values ​​after ultra-high-field MRI, am says DrSelmi Yilmaz, a dentist from Akdeniz University. H This is probably due to the creation of micro-circuit-like formations that lead to a phase change in amalgam material or to electrochemical corrosion caused by a magnetic field. Et Sp…

The rebellion with a great role in the independence of Ireland: The Easter Revolt of 1916

Starting in 1916 with the Dublin Post Office and the occupation of a few key points, the Easter Rebellion played a key role in Ireland's struggle for independence, even though it was a failed rebellion.
The Easter Rebellion is a rebellion that has failed as a military rule against the British administration. It was organized on the Easter Monday of April 1916. The rebellion is famous for the fact that the militant republicans wanted to take control of Ireland and to leave the United Kingdom.

Revolutionary initiative between the dates of April 24-30, 1916, the irish volunteers member teacher and lawyer padraig pearse and irish citizen army member james connolly seized the key points of dublin and the independent republic of ireland was established against the united kingdom started. Hundreds of people lost their lives as a result of the intervention of the British government. 3000 people were arrested and 15 people (those who planned the revolution) were executed. only michael co…

Major Military Operations of History: Barbarossa Operation

Get your tea in your cup: June 22, 1941 - December 1941, the German Armed Forces occupation of the Soviet Union only II. It is considered to be the biggest operation seen in all history, not World War II. Detailed summary of this is in our content.
The operation of the barbarossa is the name given by the German German wing to the invasion of the Soviet Union, which started on 22 June 1941. it is also the largest military operation in history that opens the eastern front of the Second World War. Over 4.5 million troops connected to the Axis states attempt to invade the Soviet Union over a 2,900 km frontline. In addition to these units, 600,000 motor vehicles and 625 thousand horses were added to the operation. The war on the barbarossa campaign was started on December 18, 1940, while the war was still on its nose. The German armies began almost uninterruptedly in the clashes, which started with the attack of the German armies on 22 June 1941 to the Soviet Union and continued until Dece…