You'll be familiar to anyone interested in Russian literature, stereotypes

There are some details that do not lack Russian literature, such literature gives such an identity. This is the cliché, these details are described in the dictionary authors.
- The three-to-five wings in the gariban novel's pocket and the great legacy of the family.

- lümpen crew that is insensitive to the problems of society.

- unbalanced women.

- Redingot.

- officers who are starving, but do not have a maid.

- the conversion of ivan to vanya.

- Name and address the name of the father. 'Know your limitations Avdotya Romanovna!', 'you are wrong Ivan Pavlovic'.

The Russian writers are very patient men.

- The character is actually a character called child.

- It's definitely the ball. From tolstoy's anna karenina to the daughter of the Pushkin's captain, the ballet and prom description presents the term mentality with a broad perspective. The dialogues in the mentioned bushes are almost a panorama of the Russian society of the period. in Russian literature, it was so stereotyped that, in the Soviet period, despite radical changes in the concept of literature, the Russian writers put their works on the two prom stages. I like to hear waltz no.2 from dmitri shostakovich in the background.

Someone is a soldier, and not necessarily an innocent girl who watches the soldiers.

- my favorite, the importance of the first dance and the term dance for the period when receiving the number of girls from the ball.

- lovers in the forest / garden.

- the noble / rich people 's meaningless hospitality can be counted. go to the friend's friend's house for dinner and be met 1 week with the newly introduced family and be entertained in the best way.

- the hero's passing through him with the effect of any emotion drowning the other in front of him, taking pleasure in humiliating himself and eventually fainting and exhausting.

- at least one character is necessarily a patient, psychologically or physically.

- their admiration for the French.

- Whether the children are soldiers or civil servants.

- the peasants are supposed to be very happy.

"ivan ivanic shrugged this question," he said no.

My life is what I'm talking about.

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