Yeşilay (Green Crescent)

Temperance Society , smoking , alcoholic beverages and other drugs such as struggling with addictions and people from all harmful habits, and especially young people serving the public for his work to protect this reason, "Public benefit Societies" in an institution situated.
Public Organizations are the societies that serve the benefit of the country and the community. Yesilay, 19 September 1934 by the Council of Ministers meeting on the same date and 2-1288 numbered decision taken by the public has been included in the community. At the same time, Yeşilay is a volunteer (amateur) community organization and a documentation and archive center with its general structure. Documentation; documents, information and news collection and evaluation processes in their own subjects. The archive is; it is the place where these documents and news are classified and evaluated together with their evaluations. It presents the information obtained through this transaction to the public, relevant authorities and organizations with the documents it prepares (such as bulletins, brochures, books, tapes, papers, posters, written applications, reports). With this, people and authorized private and official organizations to take the necessary measures to make warnings and suggestions. The former name is the Hilal-i Ahdar Society.
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