Women who Hit the Stamp in Computer Science

Women academicians played a very important role in the development of computer science until the 80s.
programming and software engineering is not a "male profession" until the 80s. on the contrary, female academics played a significant role in the development of computer science. Unfortunately, this pairing led women to move away from computer science and the environment remained in men in the 80s, when home computers were almost entirely marketed for boys.

women have achieved their achievements in computer science as rights and freedoms, in periods when they were expected to marry and look after children, or during periods when work was considered a ları male job old. many have won the right to vote at some point in their lives before gaining success. Each of their successes is unusual.

we'll probably see women's return to computer science at a faster pace. especially in the area of ​​information security and software that I follow more and more women are in the field.

recently I came across this type of writing, but it was missing (margaret hamilton did not exist for example). I've tried to search a little more and get a more full list. You can also add the ones I missed.

first programmer in history. It's easy: island lovelace. but it is not a digital analog programming machine.
Well first digital computer? The first digital computer eniac's programmers are all women: frances snyder holber, kathleen mcnulty, mauchly antonelli, jean jennings bartik, marlyn wescoff meltzer, frances bilas spence and ruth lichterman teitelbaum. There is no "programmer" at that time. most of them studied in mathematics and physics.
the first inventor of the e-book reader angela robles. Hispanic inventor is the mother of three children. A working prototype of the device he invented and patented in 1949 was exhibited in the national science and technology museum in Spain.
erna schneider hoover, the developer of the first computer-based telephone exchange software in the world and the owner of one of the first software patents with his invention here. The invention came when she was hospitalized after giving up her second child. that's why the bell labs' lawyers who were working at that time visited him on maternity leave to sign the patent documents.

the legendary game is the creator of the river raid and the developer of an infinite-sized map in 128-byte memory is carol shaw. The work he produced produced a huge shoot'em up genre in addition to a great technical success. She is known as the first professional female video game designer in history.
Roberto Williams, the creator of the King's quest for the cult game series, is one of the two founders of the sierra. At the same time in 1980, the mystery house in the history of the first graphic-adventure game in the style of the person who created.
today is the designer of the arm processor architecture used in all smartphones (including iphone) and many electronic devices, sophie wilson, the developer of the acorn computers and the legendary bbc basic in the past.

The inventor of the "frequency hop *" technique involved in many wireless communication technologies, such as bluetooth, today is Hedy Lamarr. hedy lamarr is also a movie star, even the first female actress who looks naked in a movie.

barbara liskov, one of the first object-oriented programming languages, is known for the principle of liskov replacement, which is most familiar to oop programmers.

The builder of bug and debugging. In 1950, Hopper developed the first compiler in history. developed the first high-level programming languages cobol. 70 years after he was doing this, we still say that if we still debug the bugs that were written while writing the program, we still write and compile in high-level languages, and in some places cobol is still used, it leaves us a very long-lasting legacy.
developer of software engineering, developer of development software for apollo guidance, which is used in nasa's travel to moon and space, and manager margaret hamilton. has developed the first models in the history of asynchronous programming, priority queue and fault tolerance.

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