With examples of typing in the cinema: what is antisocial personality disorder?

Another name is a personality disorder with sociopathy. People who are generally thought to be caused by the social environment are commonly called bozukluk sociopaths yaygın among the people. It is not considered as mental illness, it is defined only as a personality disorder.

psychopathic or sociopath, which is characterized by antisocial * and impulsive behavior.

it is necessary to distinguish its antisocial expression from the commonly used community phobia. its antisocial definition means incompatible with society.

main features of this personality disorder are:

- difficulty in respecting social normal behavior and rules

- don't lie down for personal interest or pleasure

- unable to act planned, to make every behavior according to instant impulses *

- persistent restlessness and aggressiveness, often manifesting itself as physical quarrels and aggression

- ignore the safety rules relating to itself or others

- a routine job or social life

- emotional events, being indifferent to ill-treatment, not affected by these situations *
- indifferent sexual habits, extreme frequent change of spouse

the most common place for this personality disorder is prisons as can be predicted.

classic typing:
clockwork orange- alex delarge

blue velvet- frank booth

natural born killers- mickey & mallory


sin city - kevin

cape fear- max cady

misery* -anne wilkes

reservoir dogs- mr. blonde

scarface-tony montana

one flew over the cuckoos nest - randle patrick mcmurphy
people who have difficulty in complying with social conditions. the onset is usually before the age of 15.

3% in men and 1% in women.

these individuals have a familial predisposition. 5 times more than the first degree relatives of men. people are opposed to negotiation. they may be tense, irritable, or appear completely sane and even deceive experienced clinicians.

From childhood, lying, evasion, theft, aggression, substance abuse, illegal activities. They do not show anxiety and depression because of their behavior. because; There are suitable descriptions according to them. Suicidal threats and bodily occupations are common. they are successful in verbal communication. manuplatif are people who want to make money by easy way. Using drunk cars, batting children is often seen.

diagnostic criteria: engaging in actions that would disregard the right of others since the age of 15, and lead to assault and arrest; lying, cheating others; impulsivity and failure to design for the future; aggression and irritability; carelessness about self or others' safety; continuous irresponsibility; despite the fact that they have harmed others, ignoring them, feeling guilty and finding excuses; they are not present during schizophrenia or manic episode; Over 18 years of age, these people are frequently associated with alcohol and substance abuse as well as depressive disorders. prognosis is variable in patients. As the age progresses, the symptoms decrease. with somatization disorder and many physical symptoms.

Additional note on need:
who reads this information, do not try to diagnose yourself or anyone else. you may find one or more of these features in yourself, it is possible. This does not mean that you have a personality disorder. usually remain at the level of personality trait. it is not clinically relevant to remain at the level of personality trait.
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