Why should we hide it from our surroundings until we get a job?

What many of us do is often an act, hiding it from others until you get a job result. There is even a scientific reason for this.
In 2009, the world-renowned psychological science magazine published an article supporting this recommendation:
"when intentions go public?"
before I start to examine the article in more detail, I will talk about something else.
once I want to say this. physically there is no real space in the universe. there are even small particles in space, which appear to be the darkest and contain nothing. at the same time, each substance (no matter how dense or infrequent) tends to act in a way to fill it. for example, gas molecules in a container of any size, as is commonly known, are emitted to fill the container completely.
I believe that an analogy can be established in the human mind. no matter how much or less we are interested in (no matter how full or empty our brain is), what we are interested in begins to spread to cover our minds. it can be said that focusing on one thing in life is often not the right decision. If you deal with one thing, this thing covers 100% of your life, you will be 100% of your goals at failure.

therefore, seç distributing risk "is usually a more reasonable option. If you deal with ten different things instead of one (let's think of equal weights), this would mean that at least 90% still remain in a possible failure:

- focusing on one thing can cause your brain to work only to focus on that one thing and fill in gaps for other things, so you can ignore other things in your life: (see opportunity cost)
- you can also feel that you are coming to an irreversible point. this may cause you to stop being engaged in it and continue to be forced to do so: (see wrecking cost) & (see point of no return)

On the other hand, if we come to the real issue, constantly voicing any of your goals may not yield very successful results as expected:

- you can create more expectations than yourself and others. this will cause unnecessary pressure on you. If you fail, you will be sorry for yourself and your lovers, and you will be happy for the people who don't like you.

- people who don't want you to be successful may want to take a set in front of you.
- Your brain can release dopamine (false alarms) as if it were fulfilled. this may cause you not to focus enough on what you need to take care of. Here is a short excerpt from my link:

"Being a human being and getting praise will make you feel good. Psychologists call this reality a social reality. On the other hand, your brain will feel as if you have reached your goals. As a result, you will be deprived of chemical motivation to achieve the steps you need to take.
a tedx talk about 'keep goals to yourself' is available here:

now I want to go back to the article. the following data were obtained after a number of subjects and four different studies:
"When a person is informed of a desired goal to perform, the person's performance with respect to that target is interrupted."

(Keep your chin closed.)

"There will be a similar effect in both performances and performances that will be realized after a week."

(The expected realization date of the target is of little importance.)
knowing others to achieve that goal can create a sense of satisfaction in an unnecessary and timeless fashion, as long as they reach the goal. "

(wait for the work to be praised and appreciated.)


As can be easily understood, it is a very reasonable choice to conceal the work until it is done with a job. close your chin, focus on your work and keep the praise after success.
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