Why not sit under the walnut tree?

You know the old people "sit under the walnut tree". This word is not said in vain.
a walnut tree, it is more beautiful poetry and cem karaca than comment.
When the walnut trees / leaves secrete sulfur gas, they are felt under the walnut tree and drowsiness is felt. even in some regions "sitting under the walnut tree dies early." There are discourses.
Sulfur gas settles to the bottom as it is more dense than the gases in the air. therefore, if you have seen the walnut tree, you have noticed that it is not possible to see things such as many grass and plants under the tree.
walnut is beautiful, it is healthy, as well as the shadow and sulfur gas to repair the ozone layer is also to be found to be plenty of good. however, it would be useful to plant in places where there is not much human density.
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