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An inscription that you will be enlightened with interesting information from the story of departure from the East and West to the Roman Republic.
The Roman empire is so great that Diocletian, the emperor of the whole country, has difficulty in managing this great country on its own, with the influx of tribes and barbaric influences.
In order to facilitate the administration of the country, the emperor divided his country into two parts as east and west by his own decision (ms. 293), and the system was established. west roma 1 augustus, and his assistant 1 caesar, and eastern rome 1 Augustus and his assistant 1 began to rule. There are 4 managers in total, the name tetrar┼či comes from here. After a generation has gone through this management well, the next generation of these 4 executives (and then their sons) are coming together. and the winner of the 1st Constantine (Constantinople, the founder of Constantinople) became the only emperor, defeating all his rivals, carrying the capital from Rome to Byzantion (next Constantinople, Next Istanbul)
When the three sons inherited the country through the inheritance, the western rome remained to his two sons and the son of eastern Rome stayed. thus the two empires are no longer united. west roma It's collapsing in 476. East Roman is crushed by Latinos (successors of Western Rome) in the 4th Crusade, by Constantinople (Istanbul), plundering Constantinople (Istanbul). it can no longer recover, it becomes a city state rather than an empire. Finally, in 1453 by Fatih Sultan Mehmet was completely destroyed.

but rather, more than before; It is necessary to know how the republic of romania, which has reigned for 500 years, turned into the empire of empire, by abusing the superior powers given to it under the war conditions (the state of emergency) by dissolving the republic, declaring its empire and establishing the dictation regime. This is more interesting. maybe today also sheds light on the turkey. maybe we learn from history.
The history is for getting lessons. france could not take lessons from this, and Napoleon declared its empire by dissolving the republic in a similar way, about 1800 years later. however, they were able to break down the empire and proclaim the republic instead.

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