Why 95% of Women Living More Than 110 Years?

Researchers, years of work in their studies showed that the age difference according to gender. As a result of the measurements, it was determined that women lived longer than men. To date, researchers have been unable to provide a clear explanation for this situation. But Ben Dulken and Anne Brunet of Stanford University may have explained this situation.
Key Actor: Estrogen
Some effects of estrogen on stem cells have been known for a long time. Estrogen; Increasing the number of blood stem cells has many effects, including the regeneration of cells in the brain. Recent research; showed that estrogen supplementation prolonged life in male mice. In addition, neutered men can live about 14 years longer than men who can breed. Of course, there is a need for new and detailed research on how genetically influenced stem cell aging has on gender. The researchers also found that genes in a mouse contributed to the life expectancy of a sex while not contributing to any other sex's life expectancy. In addition, it is known that men have shorter telomeres than females. Dır Gender is the key to a long and healthy life. In addition, the most effective aging regulator is gender.
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