Who Found Yogurt First?

Yoghurt, one of the main foods of traditional Turkish cuisine, is also an important part of the healthy eating and drinking culture all over the world. Its roots are very old and are seen as a kind of natural medicine both in Anatolia and in different geographies. And today, many yogurt, which is an important alternative to many poisoning cases were found by whom? What are the implications of the invention? Here is the history of yogurt!

The most pointed geography as the origin of yogurt is Central Asia in 1600s BC.

According to this; The Turks who feed their herd consume the milk of the herd in order to survive and learn to process the milk over time.

Later, yogurt is obtained from the process of transforming milk by fermenting milk by fermenting milk.

Hippocrates, also known as the father of medicine, has been appointed as the father of medicine. 8 to BC He says that Scythians living in Central Asia in the 3rd century made yogurt and ate similar things in yogurt.

In the Uighurs established in 744, yogurt is one of the most basic food sources

Turkish communities, like Uighurs, M.S. With the 8th century aya yogurt ığ starts to use the word ’’

The word--yogurt ’ü in the works of Kutadgu Bilig (1069 - 1070) written by Dîvânü Lugati’t-Türk (1075) and Yusuf Has Hacip, written by Kâşgarlı Mahmud, meets the present meaning of the word.

Famous Italian traveler Marco Polo also recognizes milk and dairy products during Asian travel in the 13th century

Encyclopaedia Britannica, one of the most respected encyclopedias in the world, says the Turks might have found the yogurt.

The first information about the spread of yogurt in Europe is found in the history of French medicine

According to this, in the 16th century the king of France, Francis I, suffered a feverish disease, and the Ottoman Empire under the rule of Suleiman the Magnificent took the yogurt to the king for treatment.

The main popularization takes place later: the curiosity and demand for the health benefits of yogurt at the beginning of the 20th century allows the yogurt to go beyond the borders

In his book ’Diet Reform un eder Mahatma Gandhi also mentions the soothing and soothing properties of yogurt.

What about industrialization? For the first time in 1919, Yogurt experienced the process of industrialization by Isaac Carasso in Barcelona and today ar süre Danone ay san is the founder of the brand we know Carasso'dur

Also in the 20th century, especially in the streets of Istanbul, we have yogurters in different cities.

Today the word onaylan olarak yogurt urt urt is accepted and approved as a Turkish word in all world languages

In France yoğ ur Youghourt ’in England and America’ ‘Yogurt’ ’in South Africa’ ‘Joghurt’ ’and in Greece‘ ‘Yaourti’ ’are some of the names given in the world.

source: poxox lists
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