When we look at the sky, some of the stars we see are not actually stars.

You're looking at the sky on a night without light and you see a lot of stars. What if we call it the satellites that were actually launched into Earth's orbit, not a star?
There are 4500 man-made satellites, 1500 of which are active in the Earth's orbit, and these satellites can reflect the light of the sun the same month. some of them can be seen with the naked eye in night-light conditions. In fact, if we could see all the satellites in the daytime, we would see an image:
some of these satellites are fasting around the world, while others are fixed at the rotational speed of the world to look at a fixed point. 99% of the satellites still travel very close to the Earth's atmosphere, and the international space base (ISS), which runs around the world in 90 minutes, can be seen as a bright star on a cloudless night.

moreover, man-made products circulating in orbit around the world are not just satellites. most of the time when a satellite's life is completed and the task is done to end the world can be very dangerous to continue to hang in orbit. in this case there are many human satellites in the orbit of the world, as well as many passive satellites and space shuttles.

When a satellite was sent to the earth's orbit, a special route was assigned so that no satellite would collide with the other satellites, and each satellite had its own private route. this means that when we look at the sky anywhere in the world we can only see a small part of the satellites, but it is quite realistic to see close to 100 satellites on a good night. With the naked eye, these stars are hardly different from the stars, but the telescope can easily see the difference.

who knows, maybe one day we decide to do a mere cleansing of the earth as humanity, and if we have all the hardware that does not have an active satellite, we collect it and bring it back to the world or release it to the depths of space. perhaps more effective satellites are made in the future and today the work of 4-5 different satellites makes a single satellite. this also helps to reduce waste around the world.
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