What is the sense of pain?

Generally, pain in the body is shown as a sign of danger, a sign of a disease or tissue disorder. If the pain persists, it is called pain. However, this pain is often used in the common sense between bitter people.

Pain, when an organ or tissue in our body threatens to tell us with the help of nerves. We feel pain when we're bleeding, or we feel pain when we take a blow. This is the notification of the danger in our body. The sensation of pain is transmitted to the brain through the nerves, so that we treat our painful side and eliminate the danger that causes pain. Therefore, there was the benefit of pain in danger in the body. It helps to find and find the location of the discomfort that causes pain. But suffering is also a pity that at least the pain should be relieved as soon as possible. There are two ways to relieve pain. The first is to destroy the cause of pain, which is the best and healthy method. The second is to numb the pain through drugs and to eliminate the current feeling of bad feeling for a short time.

In addition to physical pain in humans, there are also spiritual suffering. These spiritual pains also affect the physical condition of people. Mental pain occurs heavily on human beings and eventually manifests itself as depression, a depression of soul, loneliness and failure. The causes of physical pain were found and eliminated, but it is not treated in terms of the causes of psychological pain, it is treated only in terms of its consequences. Usually these treatments are things that encourage the patient to do fun things or suggest innovations in his life. People who suffer mentally through the world often experience this because of love. A person is loved, in love, and for certain reasons he has to leave that person. This separation brings spiritual pain. It causes people to be depressed.

To get rid of these situations, it is often necessary to turn to new things. Activities such as sports alleviate this pain. It is strongly recommended to take psychological treatment to alleviate mental pain.
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