What is Persona ?

Persona, which is frequently used in daily life, has an interesting personality issue as well as thought-provoking conclusions made by Freud.
persona is a latin concept and its roots lie in the classical roman theater
The actors in the theater were wearing masks that fit the characteristics of the characters they represent. In this way, facial expressions and expressions which were obscured by the distance between the stage and the audience could be transferred to the audience better through masks. the masks they put on the players' faces, that is, the people showing their different personalities. personality was what people were, their features. In this way, you first created different aspects from other people, that is, you felt more independent, and secondly, you had similar characteristics with them, so that common things could be carried out through affinity and similarities.
The three aspects of the self that freud brings to psychoanalysis can be associated with persona in one aspect.
while the superego is our social staff, id is hidden in the subconscious and we are not allowed to appear

Our ego is our mask, which we have to show everyone every day.

While masks as a fetishistic form of expression appear to be like a screen in which we are hidden in sight, sometimes our personality is repressed, not allowed to appear, and we may find ourselves in a reality where we find ourselves hiding. is it doubtful whether the mask itself or the face of each day is masked? because which one is hiding is unclear.

You may be hiding behind the mask, as the mask keeps you.
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