What is lupine plant (Lupinus) ? What are the features?

There are innumerable miracles that nature offers to humans. The healing of diseases, the raw material of drugs is also one of the leading plants. Plants are the most beautiful gift of the soil is indispensable for human beings. Plants that have a very important place in our lives are also used in alternative medicine.

lupine is also one of the plants that provide convenience to human life. This plant is also known by different names. Crazy bean, termiye, Jewish bean, gavur bean, lupinus albus are other names used. This plant is a kind of legumes. The herbaceous plant-bearing lupine can extend up to 120 cm. It grows in Marmara and Aegean regions in our country. In addition, it grows in Europe and the Balkans.

Properties of Lupinus

When looking at the chemical properties are fixed oil and spartein, lupine. The main known features of bitter beans with numerous benefits; blood cleansing, dyspnea, expectoration, intestinal parasites, increased menstruation, salt release from the body. Also, bitter pods are diuretic, and kidney inflammations are good. In addition, insect bites have the ability to expel poison.

However, it should not be forgotten; This plant is quite painful. Therefore, it should be kept in boiling water for a certain time. In this way it is consumed by suffering. In addition to the bitterness, it carries toxic compounds. After waiting in the water can be eaten by peeling shells. Seeds are used as powder. In addition to all these, skin diseases are cured by superficial application.
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