What is the difference between listening to plaque music and digital listening methods?

An audiophile input text that simply describes how analog sound and other digital sound differences affect listening pleasure from music.
If we are talking about listening to music, it would not be wrong to separate the methods of this into "plaque and others". the sound from the plaque is analog sound, mp3 etc. other formats are digital.

What is this analog audio?
the sound from the plate is the mechanical sound. purely physical event. the sound vibrations are scraped directly onto the plate. When the needle rubs against this engraved surface, the sound comes out.
As you can see, when we approach the plaque surface, we see an engraved path. one side of this "v" -shaped road allows the sound to be sent to the right speaker, and the other side to send audio to the left speaker. so the sound also becomes stereo. Let's not deviate from the subject, the needle that follows this channel is making noise. just like a sound when you rub your nails on a tree surface. There is no difference. There are no digital devices between you and the tree that will differentiate / distort this friction sound. There is no digital device between you and the pickup.

so you can feel yourself directly on stage when listening to music with a "good system". because the peace manço came to your house, singing in front of you, there is no difference in listening to the record. sound, same sound. repeat: "with a good system".
Why a good system?
because the sound of this needle is a weak voice. You can hear the music when you bend over. a amplifier (amplifier) ​​and a pair of speakers are required to amplify this volume. it is not the cost of each brand to upgrade without breaking the sound. many different technologies are being developed in this regard, I will continue to tell from the surface. the analog sound received by the needle passes through the amplifier and reaches your ear through the speakers. Although we have used an electrical device, it still does not have a digital device. these sound frequencies in the most natural state trying to give the amp and speaker technologies have been running for the last 50 years.

So what does the mp3 that is so widespread that we all go into the pocket? (music lovers should not be angry, of course, I'll compare the worst of the difference is seen more clearly)

mp3 and other digital / digital music listening methods, this is trying to emulate the analog sound and therefore gives some losses. just like the screen resolution. The father of mp3 provides 320 kilobits of data stream per second. (320 kbps-kilobit per second) If we could compare it with the record plate, the plaque could reach ten thousand. that is, the solubility of the plate is doubly high. how the colors on a screen with poor resolution mixes with each other, music in the instruments can overlap and destroy each other. they are truncated. quality decreases. plaque is used to listen to someone like a mud of mp3-that is so.
to give a more concrete example: I noticed recently, a piece of black rock in the back piece of Ahmet Kaya's keyboard in the background behind the keyboard has a second sound. but you can't hear this sound on mp3. No big instruments. So you try it hard, labor, "Ahmet Kaya behind the keyboard I've stolen" he called the air, listen to the song that you lack. nobody believes.

Although mp3 is one of the worst formats for music, why is it so common? because the size of a song mp3 file is 3-5mb. this space is limited to take up the mp3 mint, so that has reached all of us.

Of course there are better digital formats
flac I prefer in the car, with the motto of flac in the plaque car in the house. The average song size is 40-50mb. I would like to invite friends who are not able to get their financial status to pick up from mp3 to flac. There are many resources to download flac on the internet. just need to pay attention to fake. because they can convert from mp3 to flac. This is ridiculous because the mp3 is already cropped, the more polished you polish, you can not bring back the sound. If you convert a cropped file to mp3, you just change the name. so you should download from a reliable source.

flac 's opening "free lossless audio codec". So briefly "lossless audio format". The resolution we call 320 kbps in mp3 can be up to 6,000 in the flac. There is an overall average. flac it's good quality but why is it still good on plaque?

because mp3 is watching a documentary on a tube television, flac 4k is to watch on television. the plate is to see the tiger with the naked eye.
one is a fact, others mimic it. the more imitating, the more real, the closest to reality. As you so glorify the plaque, it is important to remember that the digital audio technology has improved so much that the human ear can imitate it as well as it would not notice. So it is almost impossible to understand the difference between the plaque with a good digital copy in a "quality system". but for this it needs to pour too much money on digital devices.

I would respect him if he even advocated that mp3 was better than plaque. because this is a matter of ear. everyone's ears are not exactly the same, their tastes are different, etc. freedom is one.

what I have written here is for basic information and, despite everything, is quite superficial. For example, if I made generalized open ends, such as a "good system", it would be best to explain the subject better to the unknown. these subjects require a separate escapement and a nice espresso to enter in more depth. I come to the smell.

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