What is bitter fish (Rhodeus amarus), what are the main characteristics of bitter fish?

What is bitter fish?

Fish is one of the most popular among the fish species, and therefore it is about to receive information about the bitter fish is one of the species. We will provide you with information about the bitter fish with many features.

Worried About Fishy Fish

8715_acibalik1 Let us provide immediate information about fish. Bitter fish is a species of fish found in the group of fishes. Although there are not many in our country, it can be found mostly in western countries. Bitter fish is also very cute in appearance. So the name of this great fish is completely contradictory with the appearance of pain.

What are the main characteristics of bitter fish?

There are many characteristics of this fish species. Here are the main features of the bitter fish.

The length ranges from 8 to 10 cm.
The female leaves her eggs through the esophagus between the mussels.
They leave the male species and sperm between the mussels and leave their babies after mid 30s.
They have a common living space between two types.
They usually live in lakes. They don't like to see people.
Misconceptions About Bitter Fish

There are some misinformed information about bitter fish. Here are the wrong ones about bitter fish;

They live in every environment: bitter fish can not survive in any environment.
They have an aggressive structure: on the contrary, bitter fish is a rather calm fish species.
The incubation period is quite high: On the contrary, as mentioned above, the incubation period of this fish species is maximum 30 days.
As you can see, there is quite interesting information about bitter fish. However, among the fish species most interested in many scientists, there is a bitter fish species. In our article we have provided information about bitter fish. We hope we can be useful in this sense.
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