What are the characteristics of Gemini women?

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'' Can a woman be both an angel and an devil? or both heaven and hell? Is a man mad and mad? If the twins are woman, yes. If the twins are women, everything is possible.

and if a woman twins; men are easily divided into two: the twins who love women and those who hate ...

indifference: the easiest way to annihilate a person, to destroy it is to ignore him. if you want to exert psychological pressure on a human being, or if you want to go into a psychological war that is certain you will win the other who cares about it. ignore your opponent. "You're nothing, I'm everything."

indecision: the most obvious feature of the indecision and often the regret to hear the twins. the most obvious characteristic of the man's imbalance, which comes here.

woman with the highest potential of deception: Is it because of being a woman of love? Is it because of the ability to be in love with two men? Or is the monkey an impotence? unknown. but the woman with the highest potential of deceit. Waiting for her in love, waiting for loyalty is a possibility as far as the existence of life in Mars.

olive oil, such as the top, whatever the subject, no matter what you do, whether you're right or unfair, what to do, as olive oil on the top. the rest doesn't matter. Because certainly, you're a twins woman!

Intelligence Race: If you are a twins woman, enter the race of intelligence with the man you love or everyone in front of you. And so crush them with intelligence; let them know forever! Don't let them come again! Don't let them race with you.

The monkey is appetite: love so quickly and so quickly, even monkeys can not compete with your appetite! 5 minutes ago, what you like about 5 minutes later, the twins of the monkey bless. the quicker the quicker, the quicker the cold work, the more, the whole thing. even the monkeys "we can't even do so." desinler lifetime.

variability: 5 times of the day, 5 different women, even if the male einstein, even if you're mad. "What is this woman trying to do?" while thinking.

disobedience: be so unfaithful to the man you love; even brutus rebel "I did not even do so caesar." He said.

thoughtfulness, forgetfulness, scattering: so pensive, so careless and so forgetful and so disorganized that the man who is in love with himself and the order; "If it is not a divine joke, this woman is the biggest trouble a man can have." Let him think all the time.

to be both charming and demonic: both new to walk, new to begin to spell out as cute as a baby; both evil and intolerable ...

to make love to death but not even to kiss: both the love is like aphrodite until death is the day. But when you don't want to be a beginner, like a teenage girl who kisses for the first time ...

both heaven and hell: 6 days of the week as the fire of hell on the day of the devils ... as the huri angel, forget the man suffering from the torment ...

indulging in the mother: no mother herself even is fond of and not bound to herself; With her daughter, as twins, to her death ...

there is a God for him, and the man he is in love with: though very rarely, something like that of a twins woman; If he falls in love, he knows a God, and the man he loves. so devoted and passionate loving his love. but unfortunately, the fact that he does not fall in love; loves his life what he wants himself always, what a story?

so she gives good fuck: when she wants her life she whirls her 40 crushes, because it burns in her flesh.

There is no limit to his mercy: if he is an enemy of life, even if it hurts, a sense of eternal mercy surrounds his self, his body. even the enemy does not even think of the kinini.

His hand is so evident that if he had the treasure of Karun, he would be the woman who in his history delivered the fastest fortune. orphans, or feather. He pours his wealth so that he may take his cause, get him into trouble, benefit money, postage stamp.

best friend you can find: so good friend, so secretive and well-minded, you'll be amazed even though "can this be real?" He said.

psychology of spending money: 40 years accumulates the money patiently, just like an evliya ... but in 40 minutes he spends patiently accumulating; just like a monkey with little appetite.

she likes to listen: she likes to listen not to talk; she likes to take the secret; not to give secrets ...
a sense of curiosity: the diameter of the curiosity in it, the capacity of the cat is even kind of crack. infinite and unlimited ...

The center of attraction: It is a definite and distinctive attraction center that can be recognized even within 1000 people.

double-stranded: double-occupied, 5-person is the reason? I do not know. but the couples double couples, five each five. sometimes from china, sometimes from yemen ...

He loves intellectual men. mind goes.

record deletion feature: gives a lot of credit to your loved one, gives you a lot of patience ... but so a record that deletes and does not recognize you when the day came ... you even stuck "crime what is my sin? what have I done." sHe said.

they worship money, power, and career but they don't care for a bit; if she really fell in love with you.''

Note: by a Germini woman writed....
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