Voice and Vibrating Navigation for Visually Impaired People [SXSW]

Technology is far more meaningful when it goes beyond serving military or commercial concerns and touching human life. Feel the View, Smart Baston WeWALK, Braille smart watch DOT, which makes you feel the sight of the automobile glass for the visually impaired, showed us that all the things that are late in this field are good. Now we have Thea, the concept of navigation assistant for the visually impaired.

Step-by-step guidance and guidance
With 5G wireless technology, Thea uses its continuous positioning capabilities to guide the user and enable him to navigate most effectively. As a system, Thea consists of haptic featured wearable pads and a voice activated user interface. This system enables the user to detect voice questions and provide non-intrusive voice and tactile feedback. In this way, it helps people with visual disabilities to overcome the many difficulties they face in daily life and make them walk more safely in the street. Thea not only gives direction information; he tells the user to prepare the subway card, he says the entrance of the subway entrance, according to their needs, he says how many steps to the nearest shop. As a pedestrian navigation, it is so accurate that the user can find a picnic in the middle of a park.
Thea switches from voice to tactile feedback in noisy environments
In noisy areas, Thea is moving from tactile feedback to tactile feedback because visually impaired individuals act on the basis of their hearing. The direction information is conveyed to him by vibrations through the haptic pads that the user wears. The user can place the pads on his shoulders or any other part of his body according to his preference.

Thea was developed by the Moment Design team of designers and experts from New York. The team that works with over 60 visually impaired individuals and conducts research; First of all, he has identified problems related to preliminary planning, road details and pedestrian navigation. It has helped a lot in identifying common problems, developing Thea. Last year, Moment was acquired by Verizon and this year with Thea, SXSW ilete is among the finalists of the Interactive Innovation Awards in the category of Student Innovation.
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