Uncanny Art Style Feeding From Deserted Southern States of America: Southern Gothic

Music, literature and cinema with examples of successful, silent but creepy atmosphere that affects a style.

What, what is not?

southern gothic is an American type of gothic / grotesque, which is different from the traditional southern literature.
most of the stories in this kind of work are given in the so-called deep south states, such as lousiana, mississippi, georgia. in a manner similar to the traditional European gothic literature, these stories are often dominated by a very hot or very cold weather. Many of the stories relate to a number of incidents that have taken place or have occurred in the creepy plantations in an abandoned, deserted, or unexplained way. (In this respect, the traditional gothic literature is like their honorable mentions)
in southern gothic works there is an unresolved love or love triangle that cannot be solved. So the characters either commit murder, or commit suicide. racism, gender discrimination play a major role in these works. willam faulkner, flannery o'connor, carson mccullers, tennesse williams are the pioneers of this species. a rose is the most popular example in emily.

What does it tell?

it is as if a history of sin can be said. The history of the characters is the past of America.

the Americans always have an unprecedented twist in creating places loaded with legends; the epic war of survival against western or savagery, identified with mythos, as in the case of the north. but we observe that the idealism or mythos mentioned in the south was solved much earlier in the south by the catalytic effect of literature. prisoners of hell, suppressed incest and homosexuality, rape, murder, suicide, impotence, a family institution that has lost its function, female dramas; To summarize, I am a corrupt and lagging southern photograph in moral collapse, abiding by personal and mass tragedies! apart from that, romanticized and watered-out looks can also be found.

Southern gothic in the cinema

this is the material of a serious corpus in cinema. I'm not qualified to write them all. it is best to sort out the major examples known to everyone and leave the rest to the reader. the dictionary of American cinema to the full extent of users who know, if there are very critical shortcomings affola.

the fugitive kind, 1960, sidney lumet
jezebel, 1938, william wyler
the little foxes, 1941, william wyler
tobacco road, 1941, john ford
places in the heart, 1984, robert benton
wise blood, 1979, john huston
the night of the hunter, 1955, charles laughton
cat on a hot tin roof, 1958, richard brooks
the long, hot summer, 1958, martin ritt
sounder, 1972, martin ritt
the tarnished angels, 1957, douglas circus
a streetcar named desire, 1951, elia boiler
baby doll, 1956, elia win
ruby gentry, 1952, king vidor
the intruder, 1962, roger corman
hush ... hush, sweet charlotte, 1966, robert aldrich
this property is condemned, 1966, sydney pollack
the chase, 1966, arthur penn
to kill a mockingbird, 1962, robert mulligan
the lonely hunter, 1968, robert ellis miller
In the heat of the night, 1967, Norman Jewison
suddenly, last summer, 1959, joseph l. Mankiewicz
sweet bird of youth, 1962, richard brooks
toys in the attic, 1963, george roy hill
intruder in the dust, 1949, clarence brown
cool hand luke, 1967, stuart rosenberg
days of heaven, 1978, terrence malick
the beguiled, 1971, don siegel
deliverance, 1972, john boorman
the color purple, 1985, steven spielberg
down by law, 1986, jim jarmusch
driving miss daisy, 1989, bruce beresford
cape fear, 1991, martin scorsese
the ballad of the sad cafe, 1991, simon callow
lone star, 1996, john sayles
sling blade, 1996, billy bob thornton
the gift, 2000, sam raimi
o brother, where art thou?, 2000, joel coen, ethan coen
big fish, 2003, tim burton

Southern gothic in music

After a long hiatus to watch a few series I've always met the works of southern gothic, dark country. in the summer to watch and listen to the songs on the hottest days, despite a great coolness collapsed inside me.
most of the songs have discouragement, being fed up with something, calling to death. the last few months I think I can summarize my mood with these and related species. the growing sense of meaninglessness and uselessness in me, and growing in these songs has emerged. maybe I felt the relief of understanding others like me when they were creating these works, or the darkness within me and the rusty black spirit of the songs. I think this winter will pass by listening to them completely.

I have only one wish in these days, please bring one of the following types of turkey. they should be able to create gothic artifacts for local folk works or inspiration from native works. though, it is said that this current was spread in music after it was born with writing products. Maybe, maybe.


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