The world's largest salt lake in Bolivia: Salar de Uyuni

What should be known about Salar de Uyuni, located in the southwest of Bolivia, with an altitude of 3,653 meters and an area of 10,582 km².
uyuni salt plains (salar de uyuni) is one of the biggest challenges to life. he tries to stop life by joining with height and cold, salt and arid, but he always finds his way to life. Here too, life, sometimes embarrassed, but in a place, the place has set up a very unabashedly. the salt itself hosts some life forms. In the photos, hexagonal but sometimes pentagonal structures that do not escape carefully on salty ground come to life thanks to the shapes and salt formed by the bacteria here. moreover, the existence of salt has also been indirectly indirect to a country. It is an indispensable element for the economy of bolivia both as a tourism and as an export product.
This salt flat, located at 3650 meters, was a geological lake. The time period I mentioned is based on years before it can be measured by millions. Then, as a result of both the rising mountains and volcanic activities as a result of the pressure of the continental plates, about 40 thousand years ago, the water is decreasing and the region is becoming barren today. The height of the mountains has been transformed into some kind of desert because it prevents rain from the ocean, but in rare instances, the images after the rain will leave you in the middle of the world's largest mirror and you will be left alone with your tinyness. The two skies that are wrapping you in a moment will blow your mind and experience heaven on earth. your god can be a hand length away; who knows? in dry times you do not see a horizon. The vast and white flats make you see everything that you see as you crawl through the bin while looking through the binoculars, but you even fall into this error. you are assuming that the cars that you cannot predict distance because the space perception changes. you can blame your friends who say that the car doesn't fly, that this is an illusion of illusion, lack of imagination with peace of mind

I already told you that there was a lake here. the Uyuni salt plains with an area about seven times larger than our salt lake, ie roughly twice the surface area of the Sakarya province, almost equivalent to the bursa. The islands and islets in it have a different beauty, so to say the islets of life, because in these small islands a life of its own is reigning. incahuasi island, covered with giant cacti, due to the inca settlement of historical significance, people can also be a completely different descriptions of heaven is a place to remind. they named the Spanish colonialists ('' wasi '' means inca / quechua language. incawasi> inkahuasi> incaevi). On the island, which is a volcanic formation, you can see some kind of coral reefs, consisting of algae and fossils.
The hostel, which we arrived to stay in the Uyuni salt flats, was completely salt-free, except for the bathrooms, and became famous all over the world. Since it is a high rise board, it is a great experience to watch the sunset and the morning sunrise. The sun is not the same sun in the evening nor in the morning. There is no man-made road, even when you drive with your vehicle at full speed, to reach the other from one end to the other by roasting in the sun under the sun and because of the height of the breath because it is difficult to breathe in your mouth, you will spend coffe leaves, but the admiration of the nature of each moment will be folded.
I had the opportunity to observe a pale ruin of Inca civilization from a village in which we stopped on the way. the adobe houses were offering a familiar atmosphere. The tombs, where the crosses of the houses are planted with diameters less than where the houses end, remind you of the non-natural presence of Christian culture like a patch here. The pigs rolling over the muds and running from there are also away from the house ... from behind the graveyard, looking at the city from among the tombs decorated with color. next to the houses there is a bench, handmade items selling to the locals and a dog that always spoils the fox.

There are sculptures made of salt in the salt museum. salt is the undeniable truth of this place; I don't even have to say it. on the mast where each of the passengers brought the flags, there are three Turkish flag, one of them hanged from the top. The feeling that you follow in the footsteps of those who come before you is full of emotion. it's not a bad thing, you even want to know your pioneers. a pillar of the dakar rally is held in bolivia (since 2009, due to security concerns in mauritania, it takes place in south america instead of africa). On the route, there is uyuni, prices can increase if you come to the rally time, but you will certainly open the door to another experience. I don't know if you can come and go with your own car except for the rally, but if I come again I would personally rent my own car and choose my own route.
you will be grateful to God for creating bolivia after seeing this place, even if you don't believe in a god, you will wish to have a god in order to offer your thanks. ehumim your trip! .. good journeys ...
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