The Story of Valentine's Day Celebrated on February 14

Date of 14th of February Valentine's Day? How did Valentine's Day appear on February 14? Why is Valentine's Day celebrated on February 14? Everything you wonder about Valentine's Day on 14 February.
The beginning of the day of love dates back to the time of the ancient Roman empire
the old roma on 14 february was a very important day for all the roma people. because on February 14, the queen of the gods and goddesses of Rome would be a holiday because of the respect for juno. juno was also known as the goddess of marriage and femininity by the people. the next day of 15 February, the festival of lupercalia was beginning.

The festival of lupercalia was of great importance for the young population of the people; their lives were limited to certain committees and rules, and as a natural consequence of this, these young people would not have the chance to live together, but they would be the partners of each other even during this holiday. which young woman would form a couple with which young man would be determined by a raffle, which was an old tradition and on the eve of lupercalia. the young girls of romania would put their names on small papers and put them in a jar. young men in the jar draw these papers from the young girl's name on which the young girl would be together during the festive entertainments. these couples would have gone beyond the feast for the couples who fell in love with each other and ended in marriage.
the emperor claudius 2 was a ruler who ruled roma through his own strict rules
the biggest problem for him was not finding soldiers to fight in his army. According to him, the only reason for this situation is that the romance of men and their families did not want to leave their love. So the 2nd Claudius removed all the marriages and decorations in Rome. saint valentine de claudius was a priest who lived in rome. He continued to marry couples in secret, despite all the prohibitions of claudius, with saint marius, himself a pastor. however, emperor claudius learned it soon and was arrested for the saintly valentine, who continued to secretly marry people; he was beaten to death by a stick and was buried in the cemetery of martyrdom on 14 February 270.
at the same time, the Roman pagans celebrated the lupercalia celebrated in February for their pagan gods.
pre-festive traditional lottery, depending on the ceremony began to apply for themselves. The priests serving in the first years of the Christian church found a solution to these ceremonies, especially because they were uncomfortable with the fact that unmarried youths were mentioned together with pagans. Since they wanted the names of these young people to be remembered together with the saints, they started to celebrate the 14th of February on the day when the festival of lupercalia began. On that day, this year, 14 February of each year continues to be celebrated as Valentine's Day, and as long as women and men are together on earth, it will continue to be celebrated.
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