The Historical Truth to End Your Romantic Feelings in the Rain: Animal Rain

As an example, it is rarely seen in the form of frogs and fish rain from the sky.
The rain you know from the sky is a horizon event.
This is a rare natural event where animals are eaten instead of water. also known as animal rain. it has been observed little since ancient times. In the 1st century AD, the Roman naturalist noted that the elder frogs and fish fell from the sky.
In 1794, the French soldiers witnessed the fall of frogs from the sky during the heavy rainfall in lalain, near the city of lille, france.
The rural settlers in the city of Yoro, Honduras, claim that every summer there is a or rain of fish olan, which they call lluvia de peces.
andre-marie ampere, a French physicist, was one of the first people to take into account this unusual event and said that strong winds could collect animals and carry them to long distances.

the most plausible explanation is as follows

this phenomenon is usually seen in the migration times of animals and is simply explained by the following: the hoses formed after the storm lift the animals from the ground and leave them for miles and then leave them to another area. For the flocks of birds, the storm catches them in the air, if they migrate. The fact that the animals are in bulk during migration also explains the fact that the animal is the only species.
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