The enormous star death that created a black hole when it ended: Hipernova

Unlike its younger brother, the supernova, hypernova is a very scary space event, in which the star is completely destroyed and a giant radiation is exposed.
hypernova is a form of star death that emits thousands of times more energy than supernova
Although the formation of supernova and hypernovas are similar, the two should not be confused. In a supernova, the outer part of the star disintegrates but leaves a new star, which is usually a neutron star in the center. (see supernova)

The explosion of a hypernova, the inner star also splits into pieces. for a star to form a hypernova, the mass must be approximately 30 times or greater than the sun. When a hypernova occurs, more energy is emitted in seconds than the sun's 10 billion years.
hypernovas occur at extremely rare intervals, contrary to what is thought. The research provides information about a hypernova that occurs every 1 million years in our galaxy. the fact that they cannot be observed very often makes it difficult to do more research on hypernovas. Although the masses of large masses, which usually run out of fuel, collapsed and burst into themselves, the two massive masses are thought to have emerged as a result of collision and explosion.
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