Surprised Wooden Furniture

New York-based artist and designer Sebastian ErraZuriz is known for her works that blur the boundaries between sculpture and design. Previously, it turned into a library of a piece of wood that has been attached to the radar with the design of the library named Bilbao. The designer has attracted attention with its series of Mechanical Cabinet which opened and expanded like a fan. Now it is on the agenda with new designs added to this series.
Mechanical cabinets
Sebastian ErraZuriz has added 3 new designs to the Mechanical Cabinet series which can be described as sculptures. We see a large cabinet with 18 drawers and two different types of caisson in these new designs.
According to ErraZuriz, people tend to understand reality by confining them to closed and simplified forms defined by cultural codes from the past. It only tends to recognize, recognize and accept this pre-arranged and defined one correctly, and lives within these predefined cognitive boundaries. Therefore, ErraZuriz aimed to destroy these cultural patterns in the Mechanical Cabinet series. In New York, ErraZuriz opened a personal exhibition titled adlı Breaking the Box er at R & Company. The exhibition will continue until 9 March.

Sebastian ErraZuriz's work; You can follow the website, Facebook page and Instagram.

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