Suggestions for those who want to learn foreign languages by themselves

One of the most useful ways to learn a new language is internet. There are so many resources and a great pool of knowledge that people do not know where to start. This is useful information for those who are jammed at this point.
Learning a language is something that can be done quite well. If the target language is English, there is no reason to steal money from the source courses. If you are going to learn a language other than English, especially for languages ​​such as spanish, french, german, a ton of programs, web sites, app etc. available. Of course, the main issue here is how to follow a method.

I think it's up to you to follow these steps
1- to dive into a new language directly grammar, curses people from the language, but if we want to be a good element of the language. Thanks to the duolingo, this process is no longer suffering, it allows you to put the foundations of grammar in a sound way, and also serves as a good listening exercise, so you must complete the subjects in the duolingo in the first place.

2- Yes, we laid the foundation, but we need to consolidate the grammar and assimilate. this will be a good grammar book. yes, when we start to study the topics in our book, we see that if we started with this book, we will be very boring. Of course it is necessary to do a good research on which grammar book to choose, if a book written in a foreign language will be preferred, the possibility of finding it in certain places is also very high and I should not remind it.
3-grammar of course is very important, but only a grammar-oriented study is both incomplete and after a while, the bayar. So what we are doing, on the other hand, by watching movies in the target language, listening to music, we get ear hearing and we are dealing with the culture of that language. of course, to learn about each of the few statements to be quite literally to learn, to use different sentences to pay attention to examples, to try to translate the sentence sentence sentence or something. it will also be very active to use pimsleur at this stage.

4 - abundant reading to reinforce what is learned is essential. But now it is not necessary to go and deal with boring texts. reading and writing about what we are interested in is a method that will make our process easier and make the process even more enjoyable. fun short stories, jokes, I recommend you to read, is fun and the opportunity to meet the arguments of the language creates.
5- Now we have come to a certain stage, what to do, should do plenty of practice. how it will be, by finding friends from various sites, from skype to kah whatsapp correspondence, even if you have advanced language by talking. Of course, if a friend of the opposite sex was acquired, the development of the language is gaining more speed at this stage. So what are those sites,, is a verbling one of the leading sites I know about it. I've only used the first one, but the comments on the other two are positive. let me tell you that this is actually something that can be done at the beginning of grammar, but it gives better results at this stage.

6- After we know enough words, we cannot move beyond a certain level. it is also unpleasant to look at the dictionary per minute while reading something. therefore it is very important to learn vocabulary. memrise made this work enjoyable and made it quite easy. Let's be a member and often use.
7 - Yes, we will now correspond with the nativeler, even at times to come to the level of the tombstone sentences. our vocabulary expanded. while we are watching a movie, listening to a song, we know many words easily and our mouths are coming to our ears, and the number of sentences we understand is increasing. is now a member of and it is time to engage in more complicated jobs. I have not yet started to use this site on this site that we can think of everything that can come to our minds can get correction, is a tremendous thing.

those who come to my mind are for now. There are more methods, websites, resources, who know what I'm not aware of. Finally, I can never say, "I do not have money to divide the course" do not start to learn a foreign language, do not start to learn, just a little time.

edit: cig man regrets that he started with duolingo instead of grammar book, in the message that 5 months went in vain. I first started with grammar books and I returned to Spanish after a short time with duolingo, and when I went back to grammar books, I had no difficulty this time, so I had a very pleasant start. but you will also see in the title of duolingo, there are those who see the application as dysfunctional. hence duolingo does not meet everyone's expectations, only mine is recommended.

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