Sleeping portraits on pillows

Sleep is always a longing in us. We stayed in the shadow of the display lights, and we spent less time on it. However, the place where we had the opportunity to see the realities in which we had our memory, the realities we were not aware of when we were awake. It's a magical space where we are physically and mentally refreshed. Maryam Ashkanian, with the Sleep Series, offered a beautification to this mysterious world. The artist continues to produce new pillow-portraits in this series.

Pillow Sculptures: Sleep Series
According to Maryam Ashkanian, sleep and dreams are a journey that leads people to larger universes. The Iranian artist, who produces in the field of textile art, portrays the peaceful faces of this journey in the Sleep Series project. The portraits drawn on the handmade pillows are like black pencil works. Portraits also offer clues to the personality of the sleeping figure. For example, a floral clock on the wrist of the figure, its rings, the complexity of the hair or a ruffle surrounding the pillow is indicative of the world of that figure. Let me state on the artist's website that he describes this series as sculpture / soft sculpture.

You can see Maryam Ashkanian's other works on her website and follow the artist through Instagram.

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