Single player game

In single-player ( English : single-player ) video games , only one player is allowed to log into the session, and the game does not permit more than that. ; Single player game ini is used to tell the game that only one person can direct the game; The "single player format" comes with the option to play multiplayer (at least two players).
The single player format is divided into two: Single player form against virtual opponents. No virtual opponents (bots) or real players other than the player itself. In the early stages of video games, the games were single players. Two-player games were first seen on personal computers . Thus, the foundations of multiplayer games were laid. At the beginning of the 1990s, we were introduced to real multiplayer games with local area networks and zero modems . Doom is one of the best examples of such games. The fact that single player games can catch big sales figures is hidden in interesting stories, impressive graphics and realistic character details. This can be exemplified by Half-Life .
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