Saskatchewan , Canada 's Western Canada one in the state . It is located in the center of North America . Neighboring provinces are Manitoba and Alberta .
South of the USA, Montana and North Dakota are located in the north, while in the north of Canada, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut are located. Saskatchewan covers an area of ​​651,036 km². Contrary to common opinion, half of the state is covered by forest , one third by farm and one by eight by fresh water. There are more than 100,000 lakes in the state . Regina is the capital and with Saskatoon it forms the two largest cities of the state. The University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, is well-known for its agriculture. In Saskatchewan , one million people live in Europe , Russia , Ukraine , Scandinavia and Britain . Although the economy of the state is largely based on agriculture, two-thirds of the population live in cities and towns. There are about 250 museums in the state, with more than 5 million works. The name Saskatchewan belongs to the Plains. The word is "kisiskatchewan", which means "fast-flowing river" and refers to the Saskatchewan River , the most important water that passes through the area of ​​the locals . Saskatchewan Canada's "bread basket" is famous for its plains and wheat fields. Canada 's Saskatchewan located on the west; Surrounded by Manitoba , Alberta , Northwest Territories and the United States Saskatchewan also attracts attention with its important underground resources such as gold, uranium and oil. The largest university of the country was the University of Saskatchewan , founded in 1907 . Other Canadian Indians in the province such as Saskatchewan Indians also First Nations ( "First Nations") are referred to the legal name. The number of them is 70 and each one is taken legally. These 70 First Nation 9 Tribal Councils have a superstructure and they all gather in the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations in a single federation . As in the case of Canada, the ethnic identity of the Indians is not approved, but rather as linguistic group . According to this, 70 Indian tribes in Saskatchewan state meet in five language groups:Kriler ( Cree ), Dakotalar ( Dakota ), Denesulinler ( Try, Chipewyan ), Nakotalar ( Nakota, Assiniboine ) and Saulteaux Ojibvaları .
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