Research showing that people over 40 years old should work 3 days a week

Working and producing in today's economic order is considered the first step of being strong. The basis of having a productive economy is based on intensive working discipline. Even though some of the loads on the employees are transferred to automation systems with Industry 4.0, the intensive work of people is not reduced. There is an important detail that we have to overlook when trying to gain economic freedom and to add value to our country: our health. Particularly after a certain age, the busy working hours and overtime can threaten our health.

Research conducted at the University of Melbourne in 2016 contains important data on working hours
The research at the University of Melbourne's School of Applied Economics and Social Studies examined over 7500 men and women workers. The research results contain important information that will determine our healthy working form.

In the study; issues such as quality of life, family structure, economic freedom, business life
The study, which examines the effects of business life on social and economic life, reveals that a 25-hour working week is ideal for human health and efficiency.

Research shows that our cognitive abilities are beginning to decrease after exceeding the 25-hour threshold
Presenting the creative and productive working threshold as 25 hours, the research shows that productivity has begun to decrease when overcoming these working hours. This also gives ideas that the study has become harmful rather than beneficial.

25-30 hours for men, 22-27 hours for women
The researchers, who conducted various tests on cognitive and memory, determined the ideal working range for men and women. Working on ideal working hours can negatively affect our cognitive functions.

Prof.Dr. McKenzie says retirement age is pulled forward in many countries

Keio University professor states that the rate of retirement at the retirement level has risen worldwide, and states that overtime increases fatigue, stress and cognitive functions.

It is revealed that intensive working hours have more lasting effects especially on middle aged and older employees.
Professor of Lanchester University As long as the working hours change within a range of 25-35 hours, Johnes says they don't have critical problems. When the 35-hour limit is exceeded, serious problems arise.

Study results show that cognitive effects increase marginally by more than 35 hours
Working over 35-40 hours significantly reduces work efficiency. If you don't have a dynamic mind because of the intense working time, the time you spend doing the same job increases and your business success falls. It is not a surprise to say that the biggest mistake that people want to succeed in business is to work without rest and without limit. Relaxing is as important as working, both for your health and for your business success.

If you do not take a break from busy work, the possible health problems you may encounter are as follows;
* Falling into depression
* Burnout syndrome and insomnia problem
* Having alcohol and drug tendencies
* Losing productivity
* Attract body aches
* Disorders in family and social relations
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