Recommendations to go to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria

Due to the capital of Bulgaria from Turkey's neighboring cities closest to us, one of the EU members need to know about life in Sofia and travel notes.
this is a combination of the observations of the kecik living in sofia for about 1 year ...

in fact, our darling story was in the way of living in london, and when all the preparations were made, when we faced the most difficult exam in life, and at the time when we received an offer from the company of my beloved for the sofia office (which is not accepted), we decided to make an evaluation and we moved here. (due to the advantage of proximity to our family).

daily life
First of all, you can see the panel houses that are still here. In other words, the houses that the state once gave to the people as members of the family can be said to be the most terrible structures of the world as the number of individuals increases.

they all have the same structure as the same similarity. The 18-storey also has a 10-storey building which is like a small village so all windows are similar to all balconies. and they are really ugly. On the airline so many that came to Sofia, as I came to the shock of thinking that the shocked as I came when I first came.

The welcome was my attempt to the first country through the land and when I saw these buildings "are these real?" his sentence was poured out of my mouth. but there is no such thing as living in these houses as poor as the majority of the bulgarian people, for example, we have witnessed car models or systems in front of these buildings and lighting.
in general, the public is unhappy, grumpy and slow, but not such a slowness because of the lack of income.

As for the people here in the chaos after the turkey can be forcibly slow motion state of mind. I have experienced my first adaptation of the cash register on the market. first of all I do not understand 'to take the money to repent a nation!'. So I'm throwing 50 leva 78 before the stotin payment will be made, one by one before it is given 78 stotin (penny in tr) after 50 is completed. You think it's over, but it's over? more things will come into bags one by one. min. standby time 5 min. When I was struggling in the first place aufanlar darling, 'Look look you look at this kind of milka look, see' Look at me trying to keep distracted you're used to! because everyone is unhurried and calm and leisurely. All the cashiers throughout the country are already the menopausal age-old aunts or something.

I can say 75% of the rate of English in the street without exaggeration. even the old people who put so much astonishment that I speak with the proper English, close to impossible to communicate I can say. interestingly brutal bulgarlar I speak english, and they treat me like candy girls.

Don't forget, they love to talk! but a lot but not much. When my darling went back to the market below our old house to ask for water outage
'general malfunction,' he said, until he said before, those are neighborhood history etc. It explained. They're a little funny about it.

I think the funniest point is the cross-shaped box that men wear and variations in their bags. some carry it around your neck, like a cow bell. I even saw the swing in the neck of the bag. a different trend and habit is not much in the new generation, but in many men you can see the box rectangular bags that they carry on their necks or diagonally.

the women are pretty nice, well-kept pleasant. extreme the ones who find the money afterwards are incredibly hawkish and unappealing. big big brand paved dress shoes, so I did not see women in our wedding shoes in avm, wearing black sandals in all the strips of moschino (as if you have received advertising on the feet) is really important for them.

drinking is already quite appropriate as everyone mentioned. I don't really want to share alcohol prices here. all the Turkish raki at the cheap price of half of those sold at v vodka wines etc. they are all comparable in scale to en. eating out here was a daily routine, and when we searched the house, we were deprived of it until we found a closed kitchen. all the kitchens are american and inside the hall because people are not cooking. even at some restaurants during the week rez. you may not find a place without.
There are numerous restaurant options. waiters at the low / medium scales are also unhappy and grumpy but the most famous chain of happy restaurants in both the nice service and price performance curve can be enough to satisfy your stomach (a happy waiter girls in all parts of the country skirts skirts / yes summer winter).

When booking, an unmistakable reservation is available. So go and somehow empty manicurist (only manicure / pedicure salons are available. Here is a disastrous sector here) as you pass and you can not sit in manicure! Who are you? As they say 'what (no)' they say, without taking a book to personal care areas. So we are very comfortable, so come here, come here, aa subject to deal with the little bit of his head.
they also know only one way from a to b and they do not accept the other ways whit and they can go without solving the problem. My friend, who is the quietest person in the world, came to make an internet connection. no we do not like this way (alternatives available) "e can not do otherwise we can not do otherwise," he said. nato head nato marble.

The greenery, the nature of the parks everywhere, eye-stroking landscapes. Write in the Vitosha Mountain and be able to catch an amazing visual show in winter. lush green indeed sofia. In other words, everywhere in the eye of the people are definitely green. I learned that there are 3 colors of lilac tree. my favorite flower is purple lilac; here I saw both white and lilacını same delightful smell. not to mention her already hometown rose, everywhere rose and rose varieties.
night life
I think this is the kind of experience to live in this country. So clubs, interior designs and course shows are quite solid. So I had the chance to see a lot of clubs in many countries, where the clubs can be entertained at very reasonable prices.
Hookah here has become a phenomenon of incredible trend. While I was already a country that started smoking at a very young age, I was able to see a hookah even at night clubs. poolside etc. even in our neighborhood there are 3 pieces of hookah in place in the style of 3 pieces bar-dinner in 1 km. indeed, the price performance event is enormous, not to mention the cheapness of alcohol prices. Turkish raki here are sold almost half the price of turkey prices ...

tram, metro, bus and trolleybus ... these are not available, but if you are without a vehicle in Sofia the most healthy way of transportation, you will definitely download the "taxi me" application on your phone; Firstly taxi is already quite affordable. the user is really user-friendly, from the map you take me from here, you set the route here as the nearest and highest-rated taxi invitation. Finding your location, gps help to copy the address of the place where you paste the short solution for the map is written completely with the Cyrillic alphabet. If you are not too busy on a special day (Christmas, etc) it is average to come within 5-10 min to get your car. All information about the amount of distance from the vehicle user name is also instantly. it is very easy to get to where you want without saying a word, and it is almost not possible to get a breakdown from drivers after each trip. how many stars so many customer invitations.
yet winter activities, the order did not come, paper identification procedures, etc .. This article we go to different parts of the vitosa, the surrounding caves and waterfalls by embracing the mother of nature. I have toured the firm in turkey; I can say that the waterfalls here really look great. If you are going to these areas, greeting everyone in the fields, leave 1 trash left and right, and the absence of a piece of paper drags you into the feeling of nature.

life is quite easy, when we jump into the car 6-7 hours later (including the border) to reach my family is a European city of relax.

If man knows what he wants and is happy with what he wishes, heaven comes to him wherever he lives; sofya gives me a chance to relax in the park, picnic, cycling (without danger), and a half hour drive to the mountains. there are hundreds of restaurants and nightclubs that can be visited if you need a lot of shopping. most important is a calm, shy, unplanned life away from tension. Is a green life enough?
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