Osnabrück (German pronunciation: ['nsna )bgk]; Lower German: Ossenbrügge) is a city in Lower Saxony, Germany.

Osnabrück, known as the City of Peace, is the third largest city in Lower Saxony with a population of 164,000. Turks constitute about 19,800 of the 164,000 population. The city is 80 km from Dortmund, 45 km from Münster and 100 km from Hanover. Osnabrück across Germany is the only and third largest city in the middle of the "UNESCO Geopark TERRA.vita" nature park. This park also includes the Teutoburger forest and the Wiehen mountain range.

Osnabrück is a university town and is also known as the administrative district of the bishop. It is also located in Osnabrück, Federal Environment Protection Foundation of Germany and the Peace Research Institute. Osnabrück, the city where Westphalian peace and painter Felix Nussbaum and writer Erich Maria Remarque were born, is a city devoted to peace. Osnabrück represents the cultural center of West Lower Saxony and at the same time represents a very vibrant region in the economic sphere. This economic area affects 780,000 inhabitants of Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia.

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