Open Source Code?

The majority of the programs we use on the computer are presented to users by compiling and executing a compiler. Compiling means that the language in which the program is written is translated into the machine language (which the computer can understand). Modifying the compiled files is quite difficult. Commercial software companies consider this to be an advantage and thus the codes they write have become quite difficult to steal.
Open source software is quite different from this situation. The source code of the program, compiled version and various plug-ins are published. It is attempted to make changes to the source code of the application by the software developers who support open source code, to make the program more useful and to minimize the error rate over time.
Some of the issues considered as open source software are:
1- The program should be published free of charge.
2- Source code should be included in the program.
3- Anybody can make changes to the code
4- Modified versions may be re-published.
5- The application must not contain any license.
Let's take a look at real life. In 1991, Linus Torvalds developed a new operating system at Helsinki University in Finland. The name Minix, Unix is ​​a bi system and then Linux. Linus Torvalds develops a version of mozilla-logo.jpgLinux 0.02 under the GNU (General Public License) rules. This application, which is downloaded by a large number of people worldwide, starts to be developed by many software developers. After three years, Linus was able to gather the versions that were developed and introduce Linux 1.0 to the computer world in 1994.

On the end-user side, open source software's warranty and technical service conditions seem impossible. Because everyone can develop the software and make different types. For this reason, Red Hat software company was founded in 1994 to launch the official Red Hat Linux and start to provide all kinds of technical support.

Other than Linux, Mozilla (uses Netscape internet browser engine), Apache (web server), Perl (web programming language) and PNG (graphics format) are some of the most popular open source software.

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