Old History of Today's Technologies

The technology we use is quite old. I think it's enough to say that only 3d films are in the 20s.

mobile phone
The first real mobile phone call took place in 1946. even the company called bell lab was providing this service in about 100 cities in the US (of course, quite expensive - 150 million dollars per month in search today). but her involvement in cars is almost 40 kg.
even another different example from 1922. You need an umbrella to talk. it is not exactly a mobile phone, a message can be sent via a crystal radio and an umbrella as an antenna, yes, the husband needs an ordinary umbrella. Look at 1922.

How long have you been 3d movies at other technology? 90s? 70s?
answer 20s say?
Even in the 1950s, a very popular type of cinema, but the first 3d film called the movie, "power of love" in 1922 at the toll booths

3d glasses
has been released. even in 1936

has received a 3D movie award.
What about 3D printers, from 3D?

The first one belongs to 1981. The first prototype of a Japanese firm doing. moreover, the operating logic is approximately the same. aha

The invention of today's popular electric cars, how many centuries? If you pay attention to the years, how many centuries?
about 2 century, "hade len!" course.

The first electric car work begins in the early 1800s. In the mid-19th century, the first practical electric car was produced in France and the UK.

In 1890, even this technology will come to the United States. This 6-passenger capacity car was capable of 23 km / h. over the next 10 years, electric cars were sold more than 10 times more than oil-fueled vehicles, because their use was more practical and easier (there was no need to start and the vehicle control was better).
despite all these, crude oil deposits (especially texas) were found to be cheap and easy to find. the final blow was henry ford hit and gasoline cars were cheaper than half the price of electric vehicles. so that the electric cars have become history, until today.

Everyone knows the wireless phone but let's talk about it anyway.

In 1880, the inventor named charlie sumner tainter invented a light-based telephone (the ancestor of today's fiber-optic communication). The element that collects sunlight in a center with mirrors has developed a mechanism that vibrates with the mouth movements of the speaker using a transmitter. and don't talk to a transmitter that turns those vibrations to sound.

Finally, let's look at the history of plastic surgery.
The oldest known plastic surgery operation is somewhat recent, up to 3,000 years ago.

2. ramses
when the Pharaohs met her on the other side of her body, she had undergone plastic surgery to recognize her. a piece of bone was added to the nose.

queen nunjmet
while it was found that fillings were added to her waist and cheeks (aesthetic anxiety) which is the same reasoning as in today's aesthetic operations. even some documents show that these operations are not only on the dead, they may have been tried on those who live, but there is no definitive proof.
B.C. It is known that plastic surgery was performed by erecting the cut parts of the skin from the nape of the nose and ears.

In ancient Rome, plastic surgery operations were performed to remove scars on the back. because the trail on the back showed that he was once a slave (a whip slave) or someone who escaped and wounded in the battlefield. it is obvious that the removal of these marks is done, but it is still not clear how. In addition, since the ancient Roman is still in the baths in the baths, any defects in the genitals were met very shameful and these defects were removed by the operation.
in women with heavy earrings obliquely bent ears are corrected.
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