Odor substance obtained from the cloth on a deer's testicle: musk

Siberian musk deer (Moschus Moschiferus) testicle immediately obtained from a cloth and often mixed with other things that should be known about the substance of the fragrance.
musk is a very common odor reference, so it is a fragrance that is mixed with everything.

the testicles of the siberian musk moose (moschus moschiferus) were obtained immediately. Since it is a great deal of animal waste to achieve this fragrance and smell, it is now prohibited to hunt naturally, and as of now, all muskets used in perfume and functional products are artificial musk.

For your information, the artificial spun technical name is "white musk" ie "white musk". you know, "o" environmentalist brand of the brand "white musk" by using the perfume itself I think that I am using natural material, I say ...
The name of the fragrant mass which is collected from the whale's stomach and mixed with the storming water and hit the shore by the beach is called amber-or rather the "gray amber / ambergris". It is not like the name nor the odor profile.
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