Netflix Series: 28 Legend Netflix Sequence Recommendation

In our country, foreign series monitoring rates have been increasing in recent years. 15 years ago, CNBC-e followers had a hard time finding people who could talk about the series they watched, and now fans can come together and create huge communities. Netflix is, of course, one of the biggest businesses in the rising foreign series. The series, which the channel undertakes, are called ileri Original Netflix Series Kanal. Original Netflix productions create a perception of quality all over the world. Of course, they have created a series of successful series to create the perception that people can make iye Netflix series is good Tabii. We have listed Netflix's recent legends for you

1. Black Mirror / IMDb: 8.9

The first two seasons were released on the British Channel 4, the sci-fi series Black Mirror, which was the most bomb transfer of Netflix, which was broadcasted from the 3rd season. Each episode consists of independent sections of the Black Mirror, film tastes consist of three-part seasons. The series, which can be presented as a science fiction anthology, deals with a near future full of complex and advanced technology, in which the most glamorous inventions and the darkest instincts of humanity are confronted. Usually we are used to adapting literary works to television, but Black Mirror is a series of books on this subject by breaking the memorization.

2. 13 Reason Why / IMDb: 8.6

One of the most prominent productions of 2017 for Netflix, this youth drama began broadcasting at the end of March and took its place among the most talked about productions such as the other Netflix original series. The 13 Reason Why series, based on a series of novels published with the name üy 13 Deaths to Die, a was intended to be filmed when Selena Gomez proposed, when it first came into being. But later on, when the project became a series; Selena Gomez, who is thought to play the role, continued as one of the producers of the project. We have found a lot of reasons to watch. A young girl's notes on the notes she leaves, step by step, telling about the causes of her suicide, the tensioned series is definitely one of the things to look at.

3. House of Cards / IMDb: 9.0

Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is one of the most experienced and enthusiastic politicians in US policy. When Frank Underwood, who has all the dark secrets of the White House, has been given to someone else, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gives a blind eye to the person and sets his sights on the peak. The right has been defeated, and everything that it can do now is also in effect. The biggest helpers on this road will be Doug Stamper, who is at least as self-absorbed as his wife Clara and her boss, who has no qualms about getting her hands dirty.

4. Ozark / IMDb: 8.5

Our main character, Marty Byrde, is a partner in a financial consulting firm in Chicago. Byrde, the ideal of mathematics in his childhood, chose to be a financial consultant because of both the numbers and the earnings. She lives in a suburb of Chicago with her family, living a very simple life according to her high earnings. Marty, a perfect family man in every respect, calculates everything in the finest detail, and continues to work in perfect order. But is everything as spectacular as it looks?

When we look at the other side of the coin, we see that Marty actually gets all the money she earns by laundering money. One day his work goes wrong and he comes to death. Then he makes a pact and settles in a town called Ozark with his family.

5. The Defenders / IMDb: 7.7

The story begins with the sections where the 4 heroes from the previous solo series live their lives as standard. In the solo series some of the characters like Luke Cage and Jessica Jones had already crossed paths. Initially, none of them had an active fight except Danny, and Danny's still after El. Luke Cage just got out of jail, Jessica Jones wants to do her old job, and Daredevil wants to never wear it again. The story that begins with the struggle of Iron Fist with the organization dahil El başlayan starts with the participation of other heroes in this struggle Iron

6. Orange is the New Black / IMDb: 8.3

A lot of successful prison sequences were taken. We've also been watching. However, they were all in men's prisons or in the men's section of prisons. Orange is the New Black is ideal for those who are interested in the women's part of prison adventures.

7. Marvel’s Daredevil / IMDb: 8.7

Daredevil, who is the pioneer of the series such as Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist in collaboration with Marvel Netflix, has been shown to be one of the most successful adaptations by fans of the genre. Matt Murdock has a radioactive accident when he was a kid and lost his sight. Though he can not see with his eyes, he can perceive the objects around him with different sense organs. It is very difficult to stand in the dark at night because he does not need light to see. As a lawyer during the day, as a hero at night, a cruel struggle with the evil.

8. Mindhunter / IMDb: 8.9

In our story, which started in 1979, career-oriented FBI agent Bill Tench visits police stations in different parts of the country, and he teaches the officers there about murder cases and criminal profiles. During his training with the cops, the young agent in the FBI Behavioral Science Team takes it with him because he believes Holden Ford can help him.

These two FBI agents are on their way to educate the police in different states, and they give lectures to the weakly trained officers on their field of expertise. In the period when the duo started to do this, psychology science had not done enough work on crime and criminal analysis yet; the perpetrators of heavy crimes are created from birth. This assumption is not enough for the young agent, Holden Ford, who joins the training team, and wants to talk to prisoners who commit serial crimes when they can create a void, about the reasons that led them to commit crimes.
The more experienced agent, Bill Tench, is cautious with serial killers because he believes their willingness to empathize on the reasons for handling these crimes is not welcome, but Holden's ideas excite him. Indeed, the FBI does not welcome these demands, but they help them overcome the bureaucratic obstacles one after the other. And with some of the most hated names in the history of crime, they begin to do interviews to clarify the psychological reasons that make them come to this point.

9. Narcos / IMDb: 8.9

Narcos focuses on the life of Pablo Escobar, who has grown up with only drug trafficking and grows as one of the richest and strongest men in the world. Pablo Escobar, who is struggling with her as well as Pablo Escobar, is the center of the series, with Medeline Cartel in detail, starting with small business and climbing to the top, and her partner Agent Javier Pena, the American agent.

10. Marvel’s Jessica Jones / IMDb: 8.2

Again, Marvel, Netflix Iron Jessica Jones series after Dardevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist before the series began. Then the characters in all these different sequences will be merged into the Defenders series. In the center of the story, there's an old superhero who opened his own detective agency. His primary objectives are to work on cases involving people with special abilities like himself.

11. Luke Cage / IMDb: 7.7

The Marvel Universe continues to expand on Netflix screens. Luke Cage, the 3rd Marvel series from Netflix of the same series, tells the adventures of Cage, who is a very powerful and almost bullet-proof brother. Luke Cage, who gained these powers as a result of a series of experiments in prison, tried to lead a silent life in Harlem and he found it again. In the role of King of Harlem, Mahershala Ali, worthy of an Oscar for his performance in Moonlight, literally spills out.

12. Stranger Things / IMDb: 9.0

In 1983, Indiana, he is very afraid of something he has seen on the way home and rushes home and closes his room. After this event, the search work is started for the child who cannot be heard again. The child's family, friends and police work on 3 different branches. As the research deepens, a unit that undergoes secret experiments in the name of the state emerges.

13. Grace and Frankie / IMDb: 8.2

It is one of the most interesting topics in our list. Grace and Frankie are two women with happy marriages. They were successful in their profession, raised children, and both married successful lawyers. They are both divorce lawyers and work in the same office.

Is everything as perfect as Grace and Frankie thought? One day they go out to dinner with their husbands and their wives tell them what is going to turn their lives upside down. The two men tell each other that they are in love, even this relationship has lasted 20 years, and that they want to divorce just to be with each other, and the events develop.

14. F is for Family / IMDb: 7.8

Another animation series by Netflix, F is for Family, is an animation of the family in the 70s, just like The Simpsons. Representing the classical American family; This family with 3 children and dogs has nostalgic moments over a certain age, while the younger generation who do not know the 70s are introducing the period.

15. The OA / IMDb: 7.9

A woman who has been missing for 7 years, jumps from a high bridge and is hospitalized again by her parents. After a mysterious disappearance 7 years ago, the eyes of the young woman who has returned with much change have now been able to see. The woman who says her name is OA also carries scars with unknown cause.

16. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt / IMDb: 7.9

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt series is a comedy drama series that has something to be sincere for those of us who are not far from the cult. The story of a woman who tries to rediscover her life by escaping from the order she belongs to belongs to the series starring Ellie Kemper.

17. BoJack Horseman / IMDb: 8.4

Netflix animation lovers would not pass the blank, of course. Our story is the story of a star who was a star in the '90s, but has recently been extinct. Yeah, a horse. The story of Horseman, who is depressed because of losing his former reputation and complaining about everything and trying to outgrow this process together with his friend Todd and his old worn-up princess, Princess Caroline (who is a cat at caroline) together, carries the elements of comedy and drama.

18. Master of None / IMDb: 8.2

Dev is a young man of Indian origin who lives in New York. In each episode, Aziz Ansari takes on the role of both a screenwriter and the character of the comedy series that handles a different theme.

19. Bloodline / IMDb: 8.2

The family run hotel in the island town of Rayburn'ler, both guests and residents of the island are very popular. The family's an unwanted guy A Danny makes things happen reminding him that after many years he has come back, there are many undesirable people. “I'll tell you everything; We're not bad people, but we've done something bad.

20. Sense8 / IMDb: 8.3

We have a chance to see the Wachowski Brothers from the legendary films like Matrix and V For Vendetta this time on a TV project. Sense8 is the first science fiction between the original series of Netflix. Between 8 people from different countries and from different cities, a mental bond is formed because of the death of a woman. While trying to understand what this emotional and mental bond is, they find themselves in a dangerous adventure.

21. The Get Down / IMDb: 8.5

The Get Down series takes place in the 1970s, when punk and hip-hop music are gradually beginning to emerge in the world music market. Ezekiel's and his friends' dreams of music contradict the realities of the environment he lives in. The Bronx, where they live, is a slum where the Black and Latin people live intensively. On the one hand, drugs, gangs, prostitution and other crimes on the other side Ezekiel and his friends beautiful dreams

22. Travelers / IMDb: 8.2

In the future, this science fiction story, technology is naturally very advanced. Even so much so that people can make time travel. In this way, they have the chance to return to the 21st century and save the human being from the relentless disaster that will happen in the future.

23. Love / IMDb: 7.8

Love is a successful romantic comedy adaptation. With its slender jokes, point-shoots on bilateral relations and Judd Apatow's successful acting, it is a highly recommended piece for the lovers of the genre.

24. The Crown / IMDb: 8.8

The Crown is a series on the political processes after Queen Elizabeth II's life and throne. It is planned that 10 years of Elizabeth's life will be told in each season. The first season includes plenty of Churchill.

25. Marco Polo / IMDb: 8.1

 The father of Marco Polo is an experienced merchant who made big money by trading between continents in the 13th century. He leaves his son as a gift to Kublai Khan and as a gift, so the story of famous traveler Marco Polo begins.

26. Marvel’s Iron Fist / IMDb: 7.1

Iron Fist is the last link to Netflix's Marvel series. We introduced the other Marvel characters Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. If we come to Iron Fist; Danny Rand, supposed to have died, is back in 15 years, and the power of Iron Fist is to take back his past and open up the mystery of destroying his family.

27. Designated Survivor / IMDb: 7.9

Each US President shall meet with the House of Representatives and the Senate at the end of the second year of his term, called etkinlik State of the Nation er every year. To use in the event of mandatory situations during this meeting; An undisclosed, highly confidential task assignment is also made. In the event that the President of the United States cannot perform his / her duties in a manner, there shall be a power of attorney order in order for the absence of chaos; The Vice-President is the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate. Nuclear Nuclear with the Soviets In the years of war-threatening danger, everyone in the presidency was considered to be in danger of getting a job and a remedy called ve Designated Survivor er was found.

According to this protocol; In the above-mentioned State of the State address, a iş Dedicated Survivor iğ shall be elected as the alternate president if anything happens to him / her during the presidency. This name, preferably chosen from the cabinet, is taken away from the meeting in case it is an attack on the Nation Call meeting. The protagonist of our story is Tom Kirkman, the Settlement and Urban Planning Minister who prepared for the Nation to be addressed to the Nation and he was taken to a safe place as İs Dedicated Survivor Kirk. As you can imagine, a huge attack occurs during the meeting and almost all members of the President, Vice President, Senate and House of Representatives die. Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland), who is about to rebel even from the Ministry of Housing and Urbanization, suddenly finds himself swearing an oath for president. Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland), who is about to be taken away from the Ministry of Housing and Urbanization, suddenly finds himself swearing under the presidency.

28. Big Mouth / IMDb: 8.3

In this animated comedy series where close friends, Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg are at the center of the story, the miraculous and frightening aspects of puberty are changing the lives of new-life friends.

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