Nekromansi ( Greek : νεsalρομαντüstüα, nekromantía , English : necromancy ) is the name given to invoking the souls of the dead as spiritual protection for the supernatural evil forces for many reasons.
With the Renaissance , necromance, black magic and soul invocation were begun in Europe . Thus, the origin and meaning of the word was forgotten with the emergence of different beliefs. Latin nigromancy (black arts) was one of the most popular beliefs. Johannes Hartlieb , in the demonology terms list created by nekromansiden nigromancy format. [ citation needed ] In the Odysseia of Homer , the Endor Witch uses necromance. Necromance was used to obtain information or to call the dead. It emerged in ancient Egypt and Babylon. Israel, China and Greco-Roman people have been applied in a lot. Nekromansi for Christian church, shopping with demonic spirits, was a synonym for rite curiosity and forbidden spirit calling.
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