NASA will be the closest spacecraft to the Sun; Parker Solar Probe

Throughout history, no spacecraft will be exposed to the temperature and radiation will be exposed to this tool, the sun will examine the outer atmosphere. With the data to be obtained, this development, which will make more information in many fields, is very exciting.
What was the plan for 2018?
how to follow a step?
The spacecraft, now primarily sent to the outer wall of the sun, will be exposed to a serious temperature of up to 1400 degrees.

Do we have any questions about this? not. At least it's mine. Let's see.

The spacecraft to send is named after eugene parker. a theory which he developed about the sun in 1958: the theory that the sun sprays plasma particles into space.
This vehicle will go to the sun next year, the atmosphere of the sun (corona), how it warms, etc. Will be examined. The temperature in the corona was more than 500 thousand degrees. more interestingly, the outer parts of the sun are much more hot than the interior. the solar wind is also affecting the world in the warmer particles. these mysteries that will be solved in a way that can seriously affect the world we live in things. When it comes to things that are of serious size, such as serious temperature, etc., there will be a positive development in terms of their work. Guys are recording one more phase. they are sending heat-resistant vehicles like crazy. how it does not affect.
I'm adding a nasa statement here:

"solar probe plus will sit at orbit at 6.4 million km from the surface of the sun.


See we see every day, but we don't know much about it, the says fox. “Great place to stay“

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