Japan's "Red Light" on Japanese Painting Art Ukiyo-e Using Special Techniques

For the Ukiyo-e art of the Edo period, we can say that the traditional background of Japanese painting is printed on the basis of Japanese culture. One of the most successful examples of Ukiyo-e is Kitagawa Utamaro, one of the most prominent figures in this art, and his Twelve Hours of Yoshiwara, in which he portrays the women of the Edo period.
ukiyo-e is a type of Japanese painting art from the period of edo. Usually wood printing technique is used. pictured in daily life by giving Japanese culture in the background. The scenery can also be accompanied by nature.

ukiyo expresses modernity as origin. we can talk about a more contemporary understanding of Japanese painting.

kitagawa utamaro is considered one of the six great masters of this art. There are many works in this area. I am not an art historian but I think the masterpiece is elve twelve hours of yoshiwara isi series.

this work, yoshiwara region prostitutes divided by 12 time zones in the style of Japanese life tells. yoshiwara, red-light district of the edo era.
The series consists of 12 pictures. we can read the daily routine of these women on wood.
visuals are shown in different time zones in different sources, unfortunately they are quite intricate. I tried to compile the most accurate results by making comparisons.

The monitoring of the tasteful Japanese culture of wood printing Ukiyo-e of the below;

the mouse hour - neno-koku, pm23:00-am1:00
the cow hour - ushino koku am1:00-am3:00
the tiger hour - torano koku am3:00-am5:00
the hare hour - uno koku am5:00-am7:00
the dragon hour - tatsuno koku am7:00-am9:00
the snake hour - mino koku am9:00-am11:00
the horse hour - umano koku am11:00-pm1:00
the sheep hour - hitsujino koku pm1:00-pm3:00
the monkey hour - saruno koku pm3:oo-pm5:00
the chicken hour - torhino koku pm5:00-pm7:00
the boar hour - ıno koku pm7:00-pm:9:00
the dog hour - ınuno koku pm9:oo-pm11:00
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