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There are many studies to facilitate the life of diabetics. According to the blood sugar level, changing the color of the tattoo and children's sugar and insulin injecting the toy babies were remarkable in this respect. Regular insulin injections are a part of everyday life, especially for patients with type 2 diabetes, but they are not practical at all. Several studies have been done to develop insulin pills, but they also have disadvantages. MIT researchers collaborating with Harvard Medical School, Women's Hospital and Novo Nordisk are looking for a solution to the problem by designing a new capsule model. The developed capsule model is called SOMA ( self-orienting millimeter scale applicator ).

SOMA is designed with a different approach from other insulin pills
Although it may seem easy to take insulin through the mouth, everything is not that simple. Hard acids in the stomach, can neutralize the drug compound. For this reason, the drug becomes ineffective in the stomach before performing the function. Therefore, the most common method of developing insulin pills is the protective coatings that allow the pill to continue its journey in the body for a long time. MIT researchers approach the problem from a different perspective. SOMA makes a difference by injecting insulin hormone directly into the stomach membrane with a micro needle.

A few years ago, the team produced a capsule with small needles. This capsule was injecting drugs into the intestinal tract as it passed through the intestine. Now the design is a little more improved. Now SOMA has a single needle that injects the drug into the stomach wall.

SOMA always stands with the flat side facing down.

SOMA is made up of approximately one blueberry size and a biodegradable polymer. The mechanical components inside are very complex. Micro needle, made of freeze-dried insulin. It also has a stainless steel spring held by a disc made of sugar. When the sugar dissolves in the stomach acid, the spring moves out and thus pushes the micro needle into the stomach membrane.

Inspired by the shell of the leopard turtle in the design
Once the needle enters the stomach, insulin immediately begins to enter the bloodstream. After the loading is complete, the capsule is digested without damaging the digestive system. The capsule is designed to ensure that the needle comes into contact with the stomach wall and remains there. It has a high, steep dome, and it stands on the flat side where the needle always comes out, no matter how rounded it rolls. The team was inspired by the leopard turtle. This turtle type has a shell that allows it to turn itself back on its own when turned upside down.

Nowadays, the researchers continue to develop and develop new tests with capsules. In the future, they expect an alternative to injection therapy. This capsule model can be used in the treatment of other diseases, not only diabetes.

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