How to ensure natural gas safety?

Among the news on the third page of newspapers, there were natural gas catastrophes, while some of us were afraid of using natural gas. But fear doesn't help. The measures to be taken, the audits and controls to be done will prevent this fear.
Loss of life with loss of control and cheap materials increases pain. But since we will continue to live with natural gas, we wanted to include the warnings of experts in the use of safe natural gas in housing.

What should we do to use natural gas safely?

For natural gas safety within the building;
• Natural gas detector and earthquake detector should be placed in the stairwell in the building .
• When the detectors detect a danger to the building entrance, a solenoid valve must be placed to cut off the natural gas automatically.
• The automatic circuit breakers must be connected to the detectors and the automatic devices must be deactivated.
For natural gas safety within the housing;
• Hermetic devices should be preferred in natural gas usage for heating purposes.
• Chimney sensor must be used in vented natural gas equipment.
• Ventilation vents should be cleaned regularly and not covered.
• Every year, regular maintenance of natural gas devices should be carried out and the chimneys of the chimneys should be cleaned.
Natural gas and carbon monoxide detectors should be connected to the solenoid valve in order to automatically cut the gas in case of emergency. Another point to note that the moment you notice the smell of gas in the power button without pressing the natural gas input into the housing and you must ventilate the environment. Then call the 187 natural gas emergency lines for assistance.
Do not forget! Gas will be trapped above due to its lightness and when you press the power button, it will generate a spark and a natural gas explosion will occur.
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