How is the Tree Age Calculated?

How is it possible to calculate the age of some species even when there are living trees for thousands of years?
trees annually add a new ring to the trunk. (between the outer shell and the last ring) the number of rings indicates the age of the tree. for example; The number of rings is 80, and the age of the tree is 80. Although it is not valid for every tree, the age of the tree species growing is calculated by counting the number of rings.
as for how they count the number of rings
they have a tool they use. they insert the tool into the tree body and remove a rod-shaped piece from the center of the body. they count the rings in that part. then they cover the ground with mud or something ... there are trees that add more than one ring to the body every year. it varies according to the type of tree. The calculation method is the same. even the seasonal process of the width according to the width of the ring can be observed.
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