Horror Movies Does it lose weight? Effects of Horror Movies

Representatives of generation Y know well; The desired chick was used to draw the person into the circle of the desired chick films. This fast Don Juan of a time wanted to keep the tension high with the horror films watched in the cinema or television, and so they planned to take the necessary steps to act appropriately.

The Don Juans wanted to benefit from the tension of the horror films because the tension caused the various hormones in the body to be secreted and they experienced it quite well. Those who claimed that they were not experiencing were indirectly learning arkadaş through a friend lem process management.

Yes, the horror films provided the secretion of various hormones in the body, including stress hormone. It is a well known fact that it is easy to burn calories with the stress hormone.

With horror movies, heart rate increases, as well as the secretion of the stress hormone, adrenaline is pumped and sufficient biological grounds are created to burn calories.

90-minute alternative solution for those who run

An average 90-minute horror film follows a loss of about 113 calories.

This calorie amount is equivalent to the calorie burned after running at half an hour. An alternative solution for losing weight is to watch a horror film.

The amount of calories burned depends on the fiction of the film

The relationship between the horror films and the weight-loss that came out of research by Westminster University in London tells us that the calorie burned according to the fiction of the film has changed. Again, according to this research, the sudden horror films, with a steady level of fear compared to movies that continue to burn more calories.

In this research, Dr. According to Richard Mackenzie, there is a correlation between these two variables. Dr. Richard Mackenzie points out that the blood pumped to the body increases as the pulse gets faster, and that this increases the amount of adrenaline in the body. Adrenaline, which is formed by accelerating metabolism, provides calorie burning. oluş

With the result of the examination of 10 different horror films of the university, it was also announced which films burned more calories.

The Shining, top of the list

The film, which burns the most calories, is The Shining, which is one of the legends of Stanley Kubrick and starring Jack Nicholson. According to the scientists who conducted the research, if you watch Cinnet, you lose about 184 calories.

Jaws follows the movie Cinnet and makes the viewer lose 161 calories. The third film on the list is the Devil (The Exorcist) series, which burns 158 calories.

horror movies can lose weight.

Yes, horror films have an effect on hormones, which may be of use to those who want to lose weight, but scientists have warned the audience as a result of a new study since last year: isi You'll be able to lose weight Evet. The secreted stress hormone may direct the viewer to eat.

According to research by scientists in the United States; stressful scenes in horror and thriller films; chocolate, biscuits, popcorn, chips, such as a temporary sensation in the body that stimulates the orientation of food.

Those who watch horror films consume at least two oily junk food compared to those who watch romantic comedy.

If you watch a horror movie, your body odor may change

According to the results of another research, the scent of the horror film changes the body odor.

Those who went to see Candman in Vienna and a more neutral film were asked to wipe their underarms with a handkerchief. It was observed that body odor changed due to the effect of hormones.

Playing danger bells

The results of research about the relationship between horror movies and individuals' lies are quite interesting.

Psychologists at Concordia University have seen what is happening in the minds of the viewers while watching the horror film, and they have discovered that the brain is stealing danger bells in important parts of the amygdala, hippocampus and hypothalamus. According to the results of the study published in Popular Science, a neuromarketing company called MindSign in San Dego, using MRI scanning, provides data to Hollywood for better quality horror films. MRI activities are measured using film fragments. According to the results of the measured values, the possibility of individuals to make false statements is eliminated with this technique. It is determined that the amygdala glows in certain fear reactions.

Is fear the best motivation?

Prof. Dr. Vanderbilt University. Dr. David Zald has found that people like horror films and other awesome situations. Zald's research was about how different brains accepted dopamine. People who put themselves in awesome situations were found to have fewer dopamine-related autoreceptors in their brains. Sociologist Margee Kerr, in the statement he made in The Atlantic, extremely frustrating and frightening events, in the end of a great burst of self-confidence and made a very good feel, he added.

Horror movies trigger genetic response

According to a study conducted at the University of Bonn, it is actually effective in our body and genetics. The name of the gene playing here is COMT. BASE. According to the National library Medicine, this gene is responsible for assisting certain transmitters in the brain to be activated and for transmitting signals from one neuron to another. In the study, 2 people with the same COMT gene were found to be more sensitive to the stress caused by the horror film. In other words, these individuals are much more affected from the film than others and their anxiety levels are much higher than other people because of their genetic characteristics. But those who have two different COMT genes tend to enjoy the film more than they do, and they are hardly affected by the scenes that can be considered terrible.

Immune system goes to defense

In a study conducted at Coventry University, the leukocyte levels of the control group and the leukocyte levels of the volunteer group following the Texas Chainsaw Massacre were compared. Volunteer group's blood leukocyte rate was higher than that of the control group. In addition, the blood pressure and hemoglobin concentrations of the volunteer group were higher. According to these results, it was understood that watching a horrible movie enabled the immune system. Dr. Javid Sadr argued that the reaction of our bodies to a horror movie was almost the same as his reaction to a real situation.

Enjoying Fear

The probable answer is that we experience the fear that we are experiencing in a safe environment. Our bodies are defending, but our brain says it's not a real threat. When we go to a horror house or a horror movie, at the end of the day we're feeling sonunda I've achieved sonunda and it's a great prize. We feel like we've overcome ourselves and have triumphed.

In 2003, another study at Coventry University found that watching horror films improved people's ability to fight diseases.

The research explained the following: olik The researches and results are determined according to the increase in human heart rate and the change in systolic and diastolic blood pressures. 

Claims to improve mood

More strangely, the same study claimed that watching a horror film improved people's moods.

In this regard, Margee Kerr (sociologist and fear researcher) says: ğ My colleagues and my research revealed that external negative stimuli changed people's moods. People feel less worried and less disappointed after a terrible experience. 
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