History of Internet Explorer that dominates the 90s but does not have much of the current user

Internet Explorer, although most of us were the first eye pain, could not be persisted in the market. Besides, it's Microsoft's product. Here's a nice commentary that will let you know the history, the history and the ways in which you have not succeeded.
I'll tell you the story of microsoft internet explorer
you will learn why it is so bad and dirty history. (now referred to as zaman hereafter ').

When windows 95 came out, it had created a great revolution. the new user interface, technical innovations (such as the 32-bit era was launched) had shaken. it allowed users to choose from the interface (you could install 95 with a 3.1 interface!) 16-bit dos and windows 3.1 would disappear. then the apple was going to sink (mac os 8, copland was too late), os / 2 was losing its market battle due to the success of windows 95, linux and so on. Apart from several high-end operating systems such as novell netware, solaris, it was an environment in which microsoft could create a monopoly to shake its hand.
In 1995, with the increase in internet speed (56k dial-ups had been out, broadband would be out for 2 years), with the increase of information and computer usage, people were transitioning from bbs or newsgroups (eg compuserve) to www technology. netscape navigator, which at that time became well-known in 1994, was the most used scanner. it was free, it was fast, it was solid. (a period of free software)

Of course, this also caught the attention of microsoft. they were a little late in the browser market, but the plans were great. microsoft, another browser bought ncsa mosaic and was born so ie (mosaic is the first major browser to exploit the internet). the first version of ie, instead of being distributed separately, the windows 95 plus! was coming with the package. Versions 2 and 3 came with later versions of windows 95. anyway (!), ie there was no option to remove it from the system! (hope sarıkaya language, omo'nun with the lemon cif next to him!) this small (!) browser, which is just an application (and the system began to integrate more) because of the attention and the disaster did not attract attention and prepared the ground.
Developed from the spring of 1997 and released in September 1997, ie 4 became the symbol of browser battles and spread everywhere by microsoft
microsoft would do anything to destroy netscape navigator, which it could not take under power. The method is: bundling. Bring ie with windows or other programs or link everything to ie.
First of all, ie 4 was changing the basic dlls of windows so that it would burst into the system. so a simple browser would turn into an "integral component of the system". (also this could cause windows or programs not to work) (see: dll hell) ie 4, with attachments such as activex that can access your disk (full of vulnerabilities) and place ads in the middle of your desktop like a channel bar. it was also swollen and had a lot of deficit. Any damage to ie could have required a reinstallation of the system! ie ie, it was automatically loaded at boot, consuming resources naturally, which caused slowing down. so it could be "faster" than other browsers. ie 4, the windows user interface was completely changed when loaded. your files are no longer displayed in the browser of the Internet, but with the internet browser !!! active desktop was added to your desktop. (but it was slow and there were security vulnerabilities), the help files were compiled in an html-like format (ie dependent on the kernel). applications were viewing their contents with ie kernel. in this way, the new version of ie would be "required". microsoft wrote all of its new programs to use ie core and direct companies to this. device drivers even wanted. programs and server components (eg iis) required for business users. The NTLM protocol used in local network security was only in IE. (ntlm support could only come to firefox in 2006! until then, even though it had monopolized internal networks)

In spite of all its problems, ie 4 could not be removed or removed, it was returning to the old ie version. (which left too much left in the system) ie 4 before windows 95 osr 2.5 in a way that can not be removed. it was obvious that ie in windows 98 (and in windows 2000 under development), ie would not be removed.

microsoft threatened to use apple instead of netscape in the next version of mac os. otherwise, Microsoft would remove the Office version for Mac. he had to bow to the apple, who was in danger of bankruptcy. at macworld 1997 conference, steve jobs was booed by thousands of people when it announced that the default browser at the next mac os would be ie. again, steve jobs booed:

microsoft even forbade the computer manufacturers who sold windows to remove / modify ie, ie, remove the icons. otherwise microsoft would not grant windows licenses to manufacturers that did not comply with the ban. this meant that the producer's sales would drop significantly. om 's complaints about ie 4 were not listened to (ibm, os / 2 was already later and expensive).

all that counts is enough to destroy the netscape navigator. There wasn't much that netscape could do. in the future they would open the source code of the software.

In May 1998 (Windows 98 was finished, it was out of production), 20 US states have filed a monopoly case against Microsoft at federal level. But I mean, now he was just leaving and now he's losing netscape. The damage caused by ie was spreading. in june 1998 windows 98 is now a part (!) with ie 4. In November, a program called 98lite was shown that ie could actually be removed.

At the end of 1998, netscape was purchased by AOL. open source development, "mozilla" code name was to be realized. (you can guess what will happen)

In March 1999, ie 5 was published. According to IE 4, it was quite robust and removed some useless features. windows 98 came with second edition. Windows 2000, which still does not appear, would be less affected by the IE embedded in the system.

at this point, ie, the plan was successful because the web sites were written according to ie, not according to html standards. ie monopoly. In 2002, the market share would exceed 90%. the situation has already evolved to require x and higher versions of this site, and for years it will continue for years, ie, not for sites;
7 june 2000 microsoft, US justice ministry found guilty
but they tore them with minor punishments. Everyone was already used to ie.

As of August 2001, the development of nearly ie has been halted since 6 August with windows xp. except for the bug fixes 6 years hair would not move microsoft. ie 6 turned into a paradise for malware. (too late windows vista had a share of this)

In 2003, aol closed the netscape section and the mozilla foundation was established. After the previous mozilla browser, the development of firefox has started. The mac version of ie has not been updated since 5. apple wrote the safari. on one hand the opera was free. In 2004, firefox launched the end of ie. In 2006 firefox 2 hit the main hit. With the help of other browsers, the progress of web standards has rendered ie 6 out of date.

In 2006, vista 7 was released before the vista was released, but it didn't have much effect. at least after years the tabs had arrived ... other browsers were ahead. New versions of ie could not change the status. They saw the bottom in 10 years.

In September 2008, Google Chrome appeared. Firefox has become a leader in the following years due to the fact that it was developed due to bad decisions.
development stopped after ie 12
microsoft's new browser with windows 10 microsoft edge. the reason is that the ie engine cannot be touched with the bad name of ie. A change can cause hundreds of programs / websites to fail. but they still have to add ie in windows 10! The technology betrayal for the market share will not change ie dependent programs at once. this is the product of almost 20 years.

The development of the web was almost due to ie, but the competition, as seen, also provided the development of technology. the face of development resulted in a disaster like ie 6. and learn how free software can beat monopoly-supported software. we saw that the monopoly would leave a wreck just behind it. tying programs that would be overwritten to a changing standard like the web tied her up and caused disaster.

it was long but that's the story of ie. Thank you for reading!
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