Guide to Dostoyevsky

Dictionary author '' bbaggins '', Dostoyevsky has prepared an ordered list for those who are going to start reading
I don't have a deep enough knowledge to guide in detail, but I can draw a road map for friends who say, 'Which one of these books should I start with?'

1- biography, edward hallet carr:
If you want to get to know her precisely, you can start with a short biography by Edward Hallett, written in [eğer] I read this book after reading the books and I regret it. If I had read this book, things I could win would have doubled.

2- People:
If you don't have time, try to deal with it, you can already start with the first book unda on humanity on anc. it will both accustom you to its perfect expression, and to better analyze your soul. this book is also the work that famous Dosto. a large part of the book consists of letters. the subject is one of dostoyevsky's main feelings: pity.

3- The Gambler:
The story of the book is interesting and amazing. dostoyevski ceased to fame after the crime and the punishment, the money he consumes the most and his early-death brother's family spends. however, do not think that after the book, there was a mass money, the book would receive an advance at the beginning of the writing process, and the money in the middle of the book would have been completed. so except for the last years of his life (which is also thanks to his wife) dostodennun who never had a life of prosperity.

in accordance with the agreement ğı ğı 1 ‘months completed this book. However, Dostoyevski could not decide what to write, after a while he combined his passion for gambling with love and revealed this novel. There is no such love story in the novel and a book you can finish in a short time. ideal as a second book.

little-known but one of the most impressive works. psychological analysis is great and the dilemma is low. therefore it is easy to read but difficult to digest. this is how it happens. so kelam, surely read.

Let's get heavy balls. fool is really a heavy ball with the number of pages. when you see a shy. but when you read the pages will flow like water. You can truly be amazed by the fool of the Prince. In fact, the dick is not foolish. in a society in which good-heartedness is defined as a fool, he pays the consequences heavily. whether it is an introduction to the philosophical movements used in every book by dostoyevsky, to its thickness! The most ideal of entry is the fool.

6-Young Man:
this book is the book before the karamazov brothers, but is one of the books with the least of philosophical thought covering the majority of the disciples, crime and punishment and the brothers of karamazov. therefore, even if it is not as impressive as the others, it is definitely worth reading, it is a novel that outlines the interpersonal relationships and outweighs the psychologist side of dosto.

Let's come to this book known by everyone. I don't need to tell the book much. but I just want to state that you do not read it without reading any book of dostoyevsky. your pleasure will be reduced by half.

8- The Karamazov Brothers:
This book, which some writers say uk uk the greatest novel ever ’’ almost strikes you how right they are. dostoyevski I suppose I will not say goodbye to this world without giving my greatest work. You won't understand how quickly you read 1000 pages. There is everything in the book, religion criticism, philosophy, god, psychology, love, pity, dram book..
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