Does the university average score really matter?

A comment that doesn't matter
I knew what I wanted in my head when I started the department (ODTU), in the area of ​​finance, to make a master's degree at a prestigious university in the USA. I'm going to graduate with a good degree from one of the top two universities in the country. I take my fulbright and cover it with various scholarships and student loans. I have done the average required, even on the fulbright committee I have a reference from a teacher.

but my average (3.86) exploded in my hand. fulbright almost never increases from year to year, but master's degree programs in the US are increasing by five thousand every year. for this, fulbright is no longer enough to cover half of the tuition fee, which is good if it ends with a training fee. The cost of living up to the tuition fee, guys just want $ 20k for a one-year dormitory fee! they don't give merit scholarship, because business schools are universities' money springs, and there's more competition than any other department to get into business school. I'm going to get an assistant scholarship pattern most business school does not say something like that, openers also open a two people. and it is not enough to get the assistantships. You need to get acquainted with at least one faculty member.

back to $ 100k to enter the student loan, he is not a citizen and I do not have a cosigner with 12% interest and 6 years repayment, they will say good. Not my brother, this is a very very high interest rate on the dollar. I have to pay back $ 200k to the guys. but there is no other country that I can easily pay for this loan, except the United States, and the irony is that if I get the fulbright for 3 years I will not be able to work in the United States.
He remained one alternative, someone threw to cover the three largest consulting company in turkey get there mba sponsorship. this period, I even pushed, even said the second class consulting companies during the internship stage. In the second class consultancy company will use the internship as a step, even rejection sent. The consultancy companies see oddu as a second-class school, a sector with different heads. this section in short ...

the king of the graduate program in Turkey with a 2.5 average he accepted the students even wear ediyorken (ODT financial mathematics) I made the grade point average, on what I've seen tangible benefits to gather outside the high honor by the paper document? no. The only benefit was that, when I worked, I saw that I could do that, that's all ... the man who makes 3.00 average in all the places where I can get a job can enter and there is no concrete difference between us. actually. I couldn't walk, I couldn't have fun, I shed my hair out of stress, my sleeplessness remained with me ...
depends on the profession you choose. If you are reading in iibf, the goal is ales or kpss. do not work in private; especially if the sector is not relevant to the department you are reading, internship before you begin your last year and do the job, the place where you do e internship held you enjoy the last year o-hoo. It is also easy for anyone in the private sector; '' Well, you've passed the lesson with aa, you understand youiii from this job, the captain's salary is meatball '' does not say. the private sector is not so.

I know a lot of people who find it hard to find 2:00 and now they earn nice money. why is that? because they did not memorize the lesson like Hafiz, they set the goal and developed themselves. Also, on average, 4:00 pm, the manager will not do as soon as you graduate. Be a little realistic. If you finish that university as empty, I'll be more unemployed.
Comments that are important
vision just is not important in the business world average for the restricted license with Turkey yes.

You will see the master's and doctoral degrees of the schools listed below in most of the people who have come to good places in the business world (especially in the USA).

engineering departments on behalf of stanford, berkeley, myth. These schools do not take the sittin year of 3.9, the men who are less than the 3.8 average.

GPA average of important schools and entrants in MBA:

stanford: 3.66
columbia business school: 3.5
wharton: 3.7
"Do not matter in business life" Do not look at those who flock. The fact that I finished with every job interview that I entered so far had caught the attention of the person in front of me. they're talking to dozens of people for a job, and that keeps you in mind. This does not mean that you will get the job, but it certainly increases your chances. Even if it doesn't touch the harm even if it doesn't benefit already, I think I've seen the benefit.

I went through everything, it worked for my graduate, doctorate and overseas education. And it doesn't appear on cv? Do you think studying abroad will not affect your ability to do a good master? How do you do it with a GPA of 1.95?

What is the mean, the average GPA. I'm not saying "everything means", but the facilitating effect is undeniable.
for those who think of postgraduate (I speak as someone with an academic experience abroad): from the moment you pass to the west of edirne, you will always get a 3.80 from the Beytüşşebap or Fizan University, or it will work. because when you go abroad is something that does not matter as you read the name of the university in Turkey.

Final review
As the age progresses and the graduation date falls behind, the importance of inverse proportionality is a phenomenon of license average.

When you're at 30, the school you're almost graduated from doesn't even matter.

As far as I can see, 40 doesn't matter if you are a university graduate or not.

When you come to 50, I think that the only thing that matters now is your property, property, influence.

In 60, the only thing that matters is health.

In 70, the only thing that matters is that you can still breathe.

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