Comic Book Lovers An Unusual Heroic Series from Netflix: The Umbrella Academy

Good news for comic book lovers! The popular comic book series The Umbrella Academy is moving to Netflix screens on February 15th. Written by Gerard Way, lead singer of American alternative rock band My Chemical Romance, drawn by Gabriel Bá, adapted from the popular Eisner-winning popular comic book Dark Horse Comics, The Umbrella Academy is about an unusual character and a strange family.

The main idea of ​​the story is quite interesting. In 1989, 43 babies are suddenly born within a day. The bulun miraculous ve or göster irrationally impeccable ın part of this phenomenon is that none of the women who give birth to babies show signs of pregnancy before birth and that there is no connection between them! Sir Reginald Hargreeves, an ultra-rich manufactuer, adopts seven of these babies and embraces his family and establishes The Umbrella Academy. He did this because he wanted to prepare these children to save the world. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned by Sir Reginald. Before the children reach their mid-twenties, the whole family breaks down and each one is thrown. The six survivors of these children are now in their thirties and come together after receiving the news of Sir Gerald's death. Although the idea of ​​saving the world cannot hold them together, they now have a reason to act together: to solve the mystery behind the death of their stepfather. But their different personalities and abilities begin to distract them from one another. An approaching global threat of apocalypse makes things even more difficult.
Now let's get to know these main characters who give life to this strange story

Luther Hargreeves – #1 SpaceBoy

Luther is also a favorite of Sir Reginald and he is also the leader of The Umbrella Academy. His strength as a child was to be extremely strong. After a disaster, Sir Reginald's intervention added a new power to Luther's abilities. After his career at çıkıy The Umbrella Academy ve, Luther's take on the title ın SpaceBoy “and his mysterious connections within the family emerge.

Diego Hargreeves – #2 The Kraken

The reckless and rebellious member of the group. According to Sir Reginald, las a bankrupt banker Sir. She has the ability to hold her breath forever and is very successful in knife throwing. There is a clearly visible rivalry with Luther, and Diego doesn't like taking orders from Luther. Drug traders do not leave the side of the "Batman" as a super hero can say. She wears an eye patch although we don't know what's in her eye.

Allison Hargreeves – #3 The Rumor

Klaus Hargreeves - # 4 The Séance

Klaus, who has an temperament that we can call angry, even diseased, adds a new ability to communicate with the dead. She has two tattoos on her palms written "Hello" and "Goodbye". He doesn't like shoes very much, but let's not say why, because there are big spoilers.

The Boy – #5

And at the age of 10, this is the special talent of the number 5 that goes back 50 years at a time. Although Sir Reginald warned him that the journey was dangerous in time and that he would never come back, we can't say enough that number 5 was his. However, his father was right because it took him 50 years to learn to come back in time! During this time, even though he is physically aging, when his siblings are 30 years old when he goes back in time, he looks like a 10-year-old, and the number 5 is never growing because his cells are stuck in time!

Ben Hargreeves – #06 The Horror

There is no information about how Ben, who has monsters of other dimensions under his skin, died. In front of the yapılmış The Umbrella Academy “, there is a statue built to keep its memory alive.

Vanya Hargreeves – #7 The White Violin

Except Vanya's interest in music, he has no special powers. Because of his book about his experiences in the academy, we can say that he has been reacted by some family members.

Sir Reginald Hargreeves – The Monocle

Sir Reginald is not only a rich fabricator, he is a much more mysterious character. At the time of her birth, she adopted seven children, who were to become members of The Umbrella Academy. But as a et father, anıl he was so hard and cold that he never allowed his children to call him ”father“ and instead chose to be called ins Monocle çocuklar. He also addressed his children by numbering them according to the benefits they provided to them, rather than calling them by name.

Dr. Pogo

Dr. Although Pogo was the most sane character in the show, he took a huge part of the oddity. Because Dr. A chimp talking to Pogo! The closest friend and mentor of the Hargreeves family, Pogo was SpaceBoy's best friend in the academy.

Grace Hargreeves

It is known as Akademi mother Akademi by the members of the academy. However, there is very little information about their origins, rather than the mother of the children. However, an interesting surprise is waiting for us in the following sections.


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