Colorful manhole covers of Japan

In the streets, things that we regard as a flaw or insignificant object can take on different roles by the hand of the artists. The mysterious rooms paved by Italian artist Biancoshock under the manhole covers were the best examples of the modern mosaics of which the American artist Jim Bachor decorated the pits on the streets. In Japan, the streets have artistic touches with the hands of the municipalities. Thousands of municipalities across the country have been designing manhole covers that reflect the culture specific to their region, and this trend has been a tradition since the 1980s. So that each of the covers is a work of art. The Manhole Cover Festival in Tokyo also celebrates this creativity.

Manhole Cover Festival is held
The festival is a three-day event dedicated to artistic manhole covers. This year took place between 1-3 February. During the festival, the store chain Shinjuku Takashimaya hosted a number of events, including exhibiting various manhole covers throughout the country. Again right next to Tokyu Hands Shinjuku in the gift box on the manhole cover. A limited number of souvenirs, such as pens, stickers, books, tiny manhole covers, will be available until February 24th. Visitors to the festival were also offered bunosons, cookies and various other desserts in the form of the country's most popular manhole covers.
For those who missed the festival, a book called Drainspotting: Japanese Manhole Covers is proposed. Thanks to this book, prepared by Remo Camerota in 2010, it is possible to see many examples of the art of manhole cover from the past to the present. The covers can also be tracked on the Instagram by sharing under the #japanesemanholecover tag.

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