Cat Dog Patterns in the Medieval Castle in Aydin

Excavations at the Kadıkalesi Ruins of Kuşadası district of Aydın found bricks and tile fragments bearing cats and puppy marks from the 8th century.
Ceramics in the ancient name of the "Anaia" in the excavations in the Kadıkalesi ruins and occupational pottery used as an important place to occupy.
Head of Department of Byzantine Art, Ege University Dr. The fact that the ceramics found in the excavations carried out under the direction of Zeynep Mercangöz show a wide variety of shapes, colors and patterns, show that the production in Kadıkalesi is very rich and of high quality;
An important fortress for every period
Professor Dr. Mercangöz said the castle built during the Byzantine period was used as a long-term acropolis and that there was a church built in the 5th century.
Although the fortress passed to the Ottoman Empire in 1413, the World War was not used until the Ottoman Empire began to use as a trench Mercangoz transfers, said the Ottoman had a mosque built next to the church.
The mosque, which is important for the presence of the mosque and the church next to each other in the excavations in the ruins of the tourism tourism to express the aim of Mercangöz expressing, in the previous centuries, the ruins of the earthquake and the blocks that they are now exhibiting where they exhibited.
800 year old paw prints
Due to its strategic importance, the excavations in Kadıkalesi, which were used in every period, were found traces of cats and dogs in the brick and tiles made in 1200s.
Mercangoz, traces of brick and tile fragments found in the excavations when they have reached the exciting results, stating that they reached, gave the following information:
Bulun All sorts of pottery collected from the area are on display near where they are located. Among them, we see animal paws on many brick and tile pieces. There are many animal paws, especially cats and dogs.
These paws belong to animals that crawl on the producer when the material is left to dry in the field. They're all medieval materials. These are the data of about 800 years ago. For us, each one is very exciting. It is evidence of people living with animals at that time. Not only the brick brick traces, but also archaeozoology research bones of these animals are emerging. This year we found many dog ​​skulls. Bu 
Commercial life
Referring to the trade with Venice in the Byzantine period, Mercangöz stated that there is a live commercial life, they bring goods from the Eastern Mediterranean and they take the wine they bought from here to Italy.
Professor Dr. Mercangöz said, Merc It is a period with such an international commercial dimension. They probably took their masters together when they left, because the glass production here is very important for the Middle Ages.
Byzantine historians say in many places; That Byzantine masters especially started Venetian glass. I'm taking it a little further; I think the glass masters who were taken from Kadıkalesi were instrumental in the start of Italian glass. Al
Source: poxox archaeology
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